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Raise a glass to… St Patrick’s Day! | Restore Heritage Storage

Published on 12 March 2019

Raise a glass to… St Patrick’s Day! | Restore Heritage Storage

It’s nearly 17 March, the day when the world turns green in order to fully participate in St Patrick’s Day. Of course, here at Restore, with our big green ‘O’ we are ready to celebrate with the best of them!

Originally a celebration of the arrival of Christianity in Ireland – and to honour the life of St Patrick – the day has evolved to take in Irish heritage and culture generally with parades, festivals, green top hats and shamrocks proliferating everywhere. The largest parade is held in New York City, attracting over 2 million spectators every year but the longest celebrations are, naturally, in Dublin where the city hosts a week of fun including boat races, live music and a whiskey festival.

17 March is the traditional date of the death of St Patrick, who was a fifth century British Roman. When he was 16 he was captured by Irish slavers and taken back to Ireland to work as a shepherd. During his six years’ captivity Patrick became a Christian before escaping and returning home. After a while Patrick returned to Ireland, became a bishop and, between various periods of imprisonment and escape, travelled around Ireland establishing schools, churches and monasteries. When he died he left behind a well-organised church.

St Patrick has never been formally canonised by a pope, although he is in the List of Saints. Popular legends around St Patrick include him driving all snakes out of Ireland (presumably a metaphor for druids), and introducing the idea of the Holy Trinity by using a shamrock.

The National Museum of Ireland houses one of the principal relics of Ireland – the Bell of St Patrick. The bell is made of iron coated in bronze and is reputed to have belonged to the great man himself. The protective shrine is intricately worked bronze created in around 1100.

If you have any treasures – Irish or otherwise – that you would like us to take care of for you, call our Heritage Consultant, Michael Watts on 03300 377 697 for an informed chat, or have a look at our heritage brochure. Our ex-Cold War hardened aircraft shelters are uniquely set up to store your irreplaceable artefacts to stringent BS/EN16893:2018 conservation requirements.

For more information on our heritage storage options, visit our website or get in touch with our friendly team today.

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