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Re-shuffling the -filing- cabinet

Published on 23 January 2018

Re-shuffling the -filing- cabinet

Everyday I’m shuffling…

The image in my head when I hear about a cabinet re-shuffle is a mixture of Carry On and Mad Men. A flurry of sober-suited civil servants laden with overflowing archive boxes hurrying down corridors as they switch from one office to another. Possibly crossing a street in the rain to move to a different building, sheets of paper flying off in the wind…

Nonsense, I know, but a hard image to shift.

Nevertheless, despite so much information now being digital, presumably just needing access rights within the file management system for the new ministers, there must still be a fair amount of physical filing and information to move around. Let’s hope this operates like a well-oiled machine – after all re-shuffles are a fairly regular occurrence – with no files or documents being misplaced, hmm?

If you have your own re-shuffle to sort out, the trifling issue of GDPR, or you have resolved to become more organised, we can help with everything from a GDPR audit and storage boxes, to bar coded file and document tracking systems. Call one of our experienced account managers to start the conversation on 0333 220 1139.