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Recommendations for Secure Document storage Legal Sector Companies must Consider

Published on 15 February 2019

Recommendations for Secure Document storage Legal Sector Companies must Consider

With the digital revolution in full swing, there has been much talk about the continuing viability of using off-site document storage facilities, especially for those companies working in the legal sector where the protection of their data is of critical importance, and where the loss of sensitive information will result in very severe penalties for breaching current data protection laws.

One main argument that many law firms often use is the long-term economic viability of using secure off-site storage. They may argue that it is too expensive to keep their paper-base historical documentation and records stored off site.

There could even be an argument about the factoring of costs and time taken for staff having to travel to and from a storage centre when they need to draw from their archives and dig for evidence for long-running legal cases.

Most of these complaints can be very short sighted, especially when you weigh up the many benefits that legal companies can gain from secure off-site records storage facilities.

Why legal sector document storage is still very valuable

Secure Document Storage is still very essential for certain sectors such as Finance, medical and Legal. These are sectors that by law need to keep their records for a set period of time. For a large and very busy company, this can mean it can be a huge job to maintain and manage their records. Paper-based copies especially can take up a considerable amount of office and storage space within your business premises and need to be well maintained and strictly organised to allow easy access to historical information as and when needed.

What a lot of big legal firms tend to forget is that they may be paying huge office space rental charges, especially if they base their business in the heart of a major city. City office rental charges can be incredibly expensive anyway, so just think about how much extra rent you are paying out for the ground space needed to store your paper-based records and archived documentation that is simply sitting around waiting to expire.

Keeping your necessary documentation at arm's length can be very convenient, but when you factor in how much more space you are going to need to rent to accommodate your records just in case you need them at some point in the future, is it really worth the cost? This really isn't the cheaper option.

If you are currently paying over the odds for your city-centre office space and things are starting to get a little cramped or hard to manage due to your archived documents, then maybe it is time to consider moving your archive boxes over to one of our regionally based secure off-site storage facility. You never know, it could actually save you a lot of money!

Environmental and accidental damage

Then you have to also take into consideration the risks that you are leaving your legal records open to by keeping them stored on your premises. What if you had a fire emergency in your building? Not only will you be exposing your records to the risk of being consumed by fire, but even when your documentation isn't directly at risk from a fire outbreak, they are still very vulnerable to water damage from the sprinkler system being triggered by the fire emergency.

Water damage can be devastating to paper documentation, but it doesn't always have to come from the sprinkler system following a fire emergency. Should your building experience a burst pipe, flood or water leak from your internal plumbing system, you can pretty much kiss goodbye to any paperwork affected by this.

The loss of any important and still-valuable information to water or fire damage could be devastating for your business. This is why keeping your legal records on site just for the sake of convenience can not only be more financially expensive for you in terms of premium rental space, but also there will always remain the very real risk of losing your data to fire or flood damage.

As many of our document storage facilities are actually situated within ex-military bunkers, you could go as far to say that our storage facilities are completely bomb proof, fire proof, weather proof and insect proof - I bet you can't say the same about your office filing cabinet or store room!

Secure Document Storage for the Legal Sector

With a company such as Restore Records, you can benefit from a secure, flexible and convenient solution for keeping your legal records and archived paperwork safe, protected and in one place that is not too far away from your office should you need to retrieve any of your archived documentation.

Restore Records have a number of purpose built document storage facilities spread across the UK in different regions so that accessing your nearest document storage facility is easy. Each of our storage facilities have strict security-checked access so that only authorised persons can enter the centre. Each facility is also security monitored 24/7 with cutting-edge surveillance equipment and security staff in place to ensure that the storage depot is kept safe at all times.

We understand just how valuable personal data is to identity theft criminals and fraudsters, this is why we place so much emphasis on our security systems to ensure that no data breaches can happen that could jeopardize the reputation of our legal and medical sector clients.

We also operate deep storage facilities that are environmentally controlled to prevent stored materials from deterioration from damp or cold conditions. After all, it doesn't take much for sensitive paper documentation to become damp and mouldy, or dry out and become fragile to the touch. If the atmospheric conditions are not right within document storage facilities then a lot of historically important documents can be put at risk from environmental deterioration.

This is why you should seriously consider moving any very rare or valuable historical documents your company owns to more secure and environmentally stable storage facilities.

Restore Records are a trusted storage company that work in partnership with many leading museums and art galleries where we safely store valuable works of art and rare documents in atmospheric appropriate storage areas. Our historical archive customers will often need to rotate displays and perform restorations, so this is why they choose Restore Records because of our greater working flexibility.

With our outstanding record and reputation for taking good care of valuable historical materials, there could be no one better to trust with your precious historical or rare documentation.

Accessing your documentation made easy

We are all aware that we now live in a digital world and making the most of digital technologies to help you maintain and manage your legal documentation makes complete sense. This is why you don't need to worry about keeping your legal records kept off-site in one of our facilities. Lots of legal firms are sadly still under the impression that off-site storage facilities are simply warehouses that are full of racking shelves. They will still often believe that once their valuable records are boxed up and leave their offices that they simply get stacked randomly onto some shelves in the deep, dark depths of a warehouse never to be seen again. This couldn't be further from the truth!

We understand just how important your valuable records are to the integrity of your company and how important accessing your records are to your business practices. This is why your records are all carefully logged onto our system and are officially 'checked-in' on arrival at one of our storage facilities.

We keep a record of exactly where your documents go so we know the exact location of your files within our storage facilities. This makes the job of locating and retrieving any files that you need very easy.

Restore Records also goes further than most run of the mill storage providers in that we also offer a cutting-edge document scanning option to our business clients. This means that you will not only be getting an electronic back-up copy of your documentation but your scanned copy will be fully accessible instantly via your secure internet connection.

Document storage: legal sector scanning options

Document scanning is an option that many of our legal clients take advantage of for the height of convenience, especially with regard to ongoing legal cases where old case history needs to be re-examined again over a period of time. Scanning your documentation can provide a very convenient solution in many cases where you may not what to physically remove a whole file, but instead pinpoint certain information from just one section of a particular file for your research.

Document scanning has fast become one of the most popular ways to electronically back up and store important documentation. Scanning your documents can save you a lot of costs associated with rental space and can even help to improve time management and productivity levels amongst your staff.

This solution works well across many different industry sectors, but especially within the financial, medical and legal sectors. While you may think that the work involved with the initial scanning of your documentation is quite laborious and time-consuming, in the long term it actually saves you a lot of effort, time and costs further down the line. This is best seen with the reduced manual time it takes for staff to retrieve client files, for conducting research, and for producing reports.

Restore Records legal sector services

Restore Records have a very long experience in working with 90% of the UK’s top legal practices. You too can benefit from our long experience, industry knowledge and expertise in working with top legal companies. We totally understand what pressures and difficulties you face within the legal sector and how you must continue to meet compliance with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) standards at all times.

It is a sad fact that within the legal industry there is still a need to operate some paper-based files and share confidential information within caseloads full of documentation. While a majority of businesses across the UK are now converting to digital practices for communications and for the storage and sharing of documents and files, there are still many cases where producing and circulating paper copies and records is unavoidable.

This is why Restore Records is a fantastic company to partner up with. We help our legal clients by providing very efficient back office support. This means that a lot of time, focus and energy can be freed up and taken off the shoulders of your case workers. Our support services can offer you real-time savings off your bottom line.

With Restore Records, you can make good use of specialist services to suit your individual needs, including:

Digital mail rooms

We can lighten your administrative load and help to improve your internal communications through our digital mailroom services. We can take your traditional paper and emails correspondence and then scan them to Optical Character Recognition (OCR), extracting reference details, dx info etc.

The information lifted can then be fed back into the claim system and delivered to the fee earners. This saves you a lot of physical man hours and speeds up the whole delivery process. Through our cutting-edge scanning procedures we can capture and classify all of your key information quickly and efficiently. Our highly specialised automated system can help to improve your productivity levels and save you a lot of money.

Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering Checks

As it is now a priority that major firms undertake anti money laundering checks, Restore Records can assist you by automating your data gathering activities. By automating the collection of your customer data for background checks and fraudulent activities, you can take a task that would normally take fifteen minutes to complete and have it completed in under 90 seconds.

There are also more benefits that Restore Records offer the legal sector including scanning documents to archive and GDPR compliance practices. We can also help you to monitor the retention lifespan of your documents and provide secure disposal services once your paperwork has reached the end of it's useful or legal lifespan.

As well as document storage legal sector services, Restore also offer secure shredding services, business and technology relocation servicesinformation technology asset servicesand digital transformation services. Get in touch with us today.