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Records Management Services for Documents

Published on 16 January 2019

Records Management Services for Documents

The task of maintaining files and paperwork for business in itself can be a full-time job. For larger companies, this can equate to several full-time clerical jobs in fact. Unfortunately, available storage space in most businesses is not infinite. At some point, a company will reach its physical storage limit. Then you have to take into consideration the increased risks posed to a company with regard to the storage of paper-based files and documentation on their premises.

Not only does storing large amounts of paperwork increase your risks of suffering from a data breach should you experience a break-in where criminals are targeting your sensitive information, but storing a large amount of paper-based documentation also increases your fire risk and the danger of a fire outbreak taking hold and spreading rapidly. A lot of business premises have suffered from irreversible damage from fires started by vandals breaking into their premises.

When you think that you could be storing anything ranging from legal documents to your own company intellectual property and sensitive personal data of your customers and staff, this is a very good reason why you should invest in the help of a company offering reliable and secure document management services.

Records Management services - The benefits

Firstly, there is an obvious advantage of keeping your paper-based files stored securely off-site in a protected environment away from harm. If you don't keep your paper archives on your business premises, there is no risk of a data breach happening if a criminal should break into your building with a desire to steal personal details to commit ID fraud.

When you use records management services to come in and help your company with the often very overwhelming task of maintaining your company paperwork, you will be greatly relieved to know that you will be adopting a service that makes any of your documents easily retrieved when you require them.

A lot of business owners have in the past misunderstood the way that offsite document storage works. Many didn't trust the idea because they wrongly believed that once they sent off their files and records that they would be lost at the back of a deep, dark warehouse never to be seen again. In reality, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Restore Records use a very well established and trustworthy system where your files are carefully documented and recorded. This means that we can easily retrieve the exact files or records that you need from thousands of others without getting anything mixed up.

By using Restore Records to manage your business documentation on your behalf, you can free yourself of some very repetitive yet important tasks such as archiving your old business paperwork and sorting out and securely disposing of your expired paperwork that is no longer of any use to your company.

It is quite a task in itself to manage the lifetime of your company paperwork and keep on top of files and records that have expired or are close to the end of their useful life. Instead of having to focus your time and attention on the management of your paper-based files, you can free your staff time from these daily tasks and hassles to enable them to focus their energies on other important business tasks and improving their productivity levels.

Restore Records can take good care of your company records in a low-cost and efficient manner so you don't need to worry about the ongoing need to manage your own paperwork. The cost of using our records management services is far less than the costs associated with employing full-time staff in house that is paid to simply manage your company filing system. For a company that wants to run a lean business practice, then outsourcing your document management tasks makes a lot of sense. There is also money to be saved off the costs of renting your business premises because you don't need to hire extra space to accommodate the prolific amount of files and records you generate each year.

Retrieving data made easy

A lot of businesses will need to regularly access information kept on record, so this can be a reason why they want to keep their paper records handy and stored on their premises. For example, should the company ever fall into dispute with a customer or client over its product or service, then the company will need to retrieve the historical documentation associated with the issue. They would need to look back at old information to clarify what exactly happened at every stage of their transaction and delivery of their product or service.

Just because you choose to use a document management service and have your records stored off-site doesn't mean that you cannot get easy and swift access to the exact information that you need to help resolve your predicament.

In fact, it can make the task of searching out the necessary information a much easier process. Restore Records document management services are so organised that finding what you need could actually be much quicker that one of your own staff having to frantically search through piles of disorganised or poorly filed documents to locate the one they want.

Many companies will have their own in-house filing system in operation where the design and operation may have been based on just one person's own interpretation of how it should be operated. This can often mean that should that person leave, their replacement inheriting the filing system may not be fully accustomed to their way of filing things, so can make the task of locating a specific file or record like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Restore Records document management services run a standardised system that everyone follows and is very well trained to understand and operate. Our state of the art computer system makes finding your documentation fast and easy. This means that we can help you retrieve your necessary data fast. Any new files that we incorporate for you over time will be neatly recorded and your records will have a logical timeline that you can easily understand.

A Complete Document & Records Management Solution

Our fully comprehensive document & records management services allow you to remain in the driving seat, so you will never feel that you have lost control of the management of your paperwork. We can take care of your documents right from the start to the end of their useful life.

We can do this because we have invested in cutting-edge technology with O’Neil’s and Dovetail software programs, equipment, precision management systems, and our own highly trained staff so that we can offer you a complete end-to-end document management service that you can trust.

Right from our initial collection of your document archive through to the safe and secure transportation to one of our near or deep storage facilities, Restore Records delivers a service that is perfectly tailored around your specific business needs.


Near storage solutions

Each and every one of our long-term clients is different. Some prefer to keep their documentation in near storage at one of our 70 purpose-built secure storage warehouses that are conveniently situated in easy to access locations across the UK. Choosing near storage means that your company paperwork will be kept safe and secure but will never be too far away. This can give you a sense of comfort that you will be able to quickly access any files as and when needed without any lengthy delay.

Freeing up your office environment from the clutter of numerous filing cabinets and leaving more floor space free for you to expand your office can be a great advantage. You could allow your staff to spread out and enjoy more headspace and elbow room rather than feel boxed in by bulky cabinets and storage areas. With staff mental health and well-being becoming increasingly more important in business today, giving your staff more breathing space free of imposing and hard-edged filing cabinets can help to improve their health and happiness in the workplace.

Deep storage solutions

While Restore Records currently operates 70 near storage secure facilities, you can also choose to go with our secure deep storage solutions if you prefer. Many of our clients handle some very sensitive data including medical records and financial information that need to be retained for many years by law. While most companies may not need these records very regularly, or ever again in some cases, they still have a duty of care to take care and protect these records right through to the end of their useful life.

Our deep storage solution is ideal for these types of records and also for one-off documents such as deeds and wills that are often left untouched for years. Choosing deep storage for these documents means that you no longer need to allocate any dedicated storage space on your work premised to keep them stored. Placing these very sensitive documents into deep storage also means that you will be stepping up the security and protection surrounding them, helping to reduce the risks of data breaches and loss of the documents through accidents caused by fire, flood, or intentional criminal damage.

Deep storage solutions are also an ideal choice for the storage and protection of your backup storage devices, such as your computer back up tapes, hard drives, and other digital backup storage devices. Keeping these safe and secure, and most importantly separate from your business premises, can be an important element of your disaster recovery plan should your company suffer from a complete IT breakdown or experience a cyber attack that leaves you stranded.

Digitisation of your records

A lot of businesses started up many years ago well before the digital revolution. This means that many companies will be holding on to a lot of old and precious paperwork that was generated before the time of electronic records or cloud computing.

The Restore group also offers a fantastic service to business owners who are looking to convert their old paper-based records to digital. This can involve having your paper-based documents scanned with Restore Digital. This enables older companies to modernise their systems and future-proof their processes to ensure that no important information from the company history is lost to fire, flood, environmental damage, or theft.

End of life secure documentation disposal

At some point in the future, your company paperwork and stored files will reach the end of their natural life. This is a time when the information stored within their pages will have no further use to your company. Many businesses make the mistake of simply hanging on to these ancient and redundant files for far longer than they need to because it is too much of a hassle or large task to actually sort them out for safe and secure disposal.

What can happen in these cases is that a company can make some bad choices about the disposal of their outdated files and have in the past simply dumped them into their regular business waste and rubbish disposal. This resulted in a lot of sensitive personal and financial information being accidentally sent to common landfill sites and left exposed to the very real risk of serious data breaches.

As a business owner or manager, you have a responsibility by law to protect your confidential business information – even when it is passed its useful life. It remains your responsibility to safely and securely dispose of your confidential waste according to current Data Protection Laws. Failing to do so will result in your company being put at risk of severe penalties for breaching Data Protection Laws.

With Restore group you can rest assured that your expired company paperwork can be efficiently disposed of through our Restore Datashred services to allow you to meet complete GDPR compliance rules and regulations. Restore Datashred offers businesses either secure on-site or off-site confidential waste disposal that means the complete destruction of your outdated paperwork and a certificate of destruction that proves that the job has been done for auditing purposes.

Trustworthy document management services

You can put your complete confidence in our security measures for taking care of your company documents. Our measures include vetted staff, GPS-tracked vehicles, access control, fire suppressants, and air and humidity control.

We operate to BS7858:2012, BS1571:2009, and USSA Code of Practice standards.

What is BS7858:2012?
This background screening check contains the latest recommendations set out by the British Standards Institution. regarding the background screening of individuals employed in an environment where the security and safety of people, goods, or property is a requirement of the employing organisation’s operations or where such security screening is in the public interest.

As well as records management services, Restore also offer secure shredding services, business, and technology relocation services, information technology asset services, and digital transformation services.

In fact, for a fully rounded solution for managing your records and documents in a secure and safe manner, from start to finish, the restore group has it all covered. 


Restore: Your Records Management Company for your business or organisation. We store and manage over 22 million items including archive boxes of document files, film, and computer tape across more than 100 secure storage facilities nationwide.

Our records management client base of over 4,000 consists of many blue-chip companies including leading accountancy, corporate, financial, insurance, law, and media firms, as well as local authorities and hospital trusts. They count on us to help them achieve their goal of maximum efficiency for their records management in the following areas: compliance and legal exposure, privacy, and secure access to information cost control and space restrictions.