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Recycling Christmas

Published on 05 January 2018

Recycling Christmas

Now that Christmas is over for another year – officially on 6 January (Epiphany) – and all the decorations are coming down, many of the 8,000,000 real trees purchased in the UK are heading for recycling centres.

These centres are inundated with trees and many are still feeding them through the chipper well into February. The chips are stored and sold as garden mulch, or to resurface woodland footpaths and running tracks.

The Environment Agency has been using whole defunct Christmas trees in an attempt to slow riverbank and coastal erosion and thereby reduce flood risk. The trees, which are attached to the riverbanks, also benefit fish and small mammals by providing nooks and crannies to hide in.

Cards and wrapping paper should be recycled where possible, too. These days, many supermarkets collect cards and operate charitable schemes, such as planting a tree for every 1,000 cards collected – an even better option than just dropping them in your recycling bin.

The cards and paper are taken to the recycling centres and turned into pulp with water and chemicals. The pulp is then strained, cleaned and de-inked before being sprayed onto mesh to form sheets which are flattened with rollers and wound into large rolls.

It’s entirely possible that, within seven days, your old Christmas cards could be transformed into paper for a new deed, the cover of a brand new file or possibly even a brand new Restore archive box!

Think you may need to use some of those archive boxes in 2018 in a new year office clear out or in preparation for May’s new data protection regulations? Simply start a conversation with one of our dedicated, experienced account managers by calling 0333 220 1139. 

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Happy New Year!