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RESTORE BOXES | Restore Document Storage

Published on 28 February 2019

RESTORE BOXES | Restore Document Storage

I was asked to write a blog focussing specifically on boxes. My mind went blank.

But then I began to think about all the different things that are stored in our boxes.

Clearly the most common thing will be documents – but all the different types of document! Deeds and contracts, letters and memos (remember memos?), invoices and receipts. Legal, property, retail, government agency; handwritten, typed, printed – the mind boggles.

Then there will be the other things stored in our boxes. Trophies, records books and corporate memorabilia; LPs, cassette tapes, diaries and photographs. There will be old boxes and brand new boxes, boxes in our secure vault which haven’t been touched for years but absolutely have to be there, and boxes which make journeys in our vans on a regular basis.

With over 19 million boxes in storage, there must be some fascinating stories they could tell. Oh, I’m just itching to know what they are but, of course, I never will. Absolute confidentiality and tip-top security are key to our success.

If you feel inspired to have your own Restore box full of your own story, Restore document storage now has an online store where our lovely, multi-purpose boxes can be purchased – in three different sizes – in flatpack or pop-up versions. And they’re all produced from FSC-certified materials, which is good to know.

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