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Restore Records Management News

Published on 06 November 2017

Restore Document Scanning Supports World Paper Free Day 2017

As an AIIM (Association for Information & Image Management) member, we are proud to stand next to our industry partner in supporting World Paper Free Day on the 9th November 2017. This is the one day each year when organisations can join together as a community to reduce the amount of paper used in our business processes. 

Supporting a no print day isn't just about switching off the printer, it's about working smarter, decreasing paper entry points and improving processes. Information is your most important asset and an organisations digital transformation begins with intelligent information management.

So how can you reduce paper consumption within your business environment?

  • Examine your paper entry points. Can you identify alternatives where the information could enter the organisation electronically, for example, travel receipts and expenses claims.
  • Look at how many times an accounts payable invoice is printed and passed around a department, and by who.
  • Utilise e-signatures as part of your contract approval process.
  • Think before you print! Do you really need a hardcopy of this information?

In the 20th century, paper represented 90% of all business information. This is the reason why when we think of data capture, this conjures up the image of scanners, but here and now in the 21st century, the majority of business information is digitally born using office productivity tools, electronic forms, social media, email and various other forms of encapsulating information.

Whether you are ready to go paperless, or at least "paper-less", Restore Scan provide managed services and on-site solutions for the digitisation and capture of critical business information. This can be delivered via;

  • Digital Mailroom Solutions
  • Bulk Scanning/Scanning on Demand Services
  • Medical Records Scanning, Archiving, Indexing and Retrieval
  • Invoice Processing Systems
  • Call Centre/BPO Services
  • Application Processing & Client On-Boarding

Our professional team supports every step of the journey, from concept through to design, development, testing, training, deployment and go-live. We deliver a unique combination of cutting edge technology and bespoke services to guarantee your organisation lower processing costs, improved customer satisfaction and measurable return on investment. The sheer size, scope of facilities and investment in equipment and technology gives us the capacity to manage a range of smaller scale intermittent jobs through to vast projects on a nationwide scale.

Restore Scan's Digital Transformation benefits include:

  • Reduced costs: digitising and indexing information means you will no longer have to allocate so many employee resources to process documents and correspondence. By automatically feeding relevant contents into pre-defined business processes and workflows, these implementations can typically result in 75-90% automation at project completion.
  • Increased security: file viewing can be restricted to authorised members of the team only, who can trace a clearly defined audit trail of which documents have been accessed, where and by whom.
  • Saved space: on-site mailroom and teams shrink, if managed off-site even more so. Digital files can be kept on central servers, backed up in the Cloud while the requirement to keep those vast paper archives is drastically reduced by following strict retention and disposal protocols.
  • Speeded up processes and retrievals: at the touch of a button!
  • Optimised customer satisfaction: analysis of incoming correspondence can intelligently route requests through to the correct team, which, in turn, provides faster, more comprehensive and consistent responses to enquiries.

You soon realise just how time-consuming some of the tasks you'd been doing on paper were.

Take the first step towards a paper-free journey by contacting us today: or call 0808 278 3271