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Saint Andrew’s Day: 30 November 2019

Published on 27 November 2019

Saint Andrew’s Day: 30 November 2019

Heralding the start of a season of important winter festivals, the patron saint’s day is an important marker for Scotland. Cheers!

#StAndrew was born some time between AD 5 and 10 in the main fishing port of Palestine, Bethsaida. He would have studied scripture, astronomy and arithmetic before following the family trade and becoming a fisherman. After discovering John the Baptist and then Jesus, he became a missionary and is believed to have travelled as far as Hungary, Russia and Poland, but not Scotland. He is said to have healed the lame and sick, raised the dead, calmed storms and defeated armies by crossing himself. In about AD 50-60 he was crucified by Roman soldiers in Greece.

In 1318 St Andrew’s Cathedral was dedicated prior to St Andrew becoming Scotland’s patron saint in 1320. It is thought St Andrew was chosen as, being the brother of St Peter, the founder of the Church, it gave the Scots a way of appealing to the Pope for protection against the English. In 1410 St Andrew’s University was founded, making only Oxford and Cambridge universities older in the UK.

As well as Scotland, St Andrew is – among other things – the patron saint of fishmongers, gout, singers and women wishing to become mothers.

Prior to the Reformation in the 1500s, St Andrew’s Day on 30 November was marked with street games, fireworks and processions. The day then passed largely unremarked until becoming a bank holiday in 2007 – Happy St Andrew’s Day on Monday, if you’ve got the day off (it’s not mandatory). In more recent times this first in the trio of deeply Scottish festivals, including Hogmanay and Burns Night, is celebrated with food, music and dance.

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