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Secrets of the pyramids revealed

Published on 21 December 2020

Secrets of the pyramids revealed

In 1872 a small fragment of wood was removed from the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, along with a ball and a hook. The piece of wood was tucked safely into a cigar box and donated to the University of Aberdeen in 1946, where it was unfortunately misplaced.

During a recent collection review, a curatorial assistant discovered the cigar box nestling among the Asia collection, enabling further studies and dating of the wood to be carried out. For a start, the age of the piece of cedar – now dated to between 3341-3094 BC – throws up interesting questions as the Pyramid itself is believed to be around 500 years younger than that. So was the wood from a historical treasure buried in the chamber, was it heartwood from an unusually old tree, or was it part of the construction process and beams and struts were recycled over generations?

Had barcode tracking been around in 1946, the little piece of wood would not have lain hidden for so long, awaiting an eagle-eyed curator to spot it among hundreds of thousands of other items and restore it to its rightful place. Our asset tracking software enables you to keep track of all your assets – heritage, paper or tape – wherever they are; in off-site storage, on a colleague’s desk or on display.

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