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Secure Records Storage Solutions to all UK Businesses and Organisations

Published on 26 November 2020

Secure Records Storage Solutions to all UK Businesses and Organisations

Restore Records Management is a professional document management company offering UK based businesses and organisations complete document storage and management services.

As the UK's largest business records storage and management company, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer our clients when they need a trustworthy, reliable third party firm to take custody of their company files and records and keep them safe and protected, yet have easy access to their files and records whenever they need them, potentially for many years to come.

We are here to offer every size of business or organisation secure records storage services that are efficient and very cost-effective. Our secure records storage solutions can work out to be far more inexpensive than having to rent extra floor space at your workplace simply to store your files.

When you are a company trying to keep your overheads down to a minimum, then paying high rental prices for your premises makes no sense if a majority of the floor space is dedicated to storing your company paperwork, files and other forms of data records, such as magnetic tapes and storage discs.

It makes much better business sense to have your documents and other data storage stored securely within security protected purpose-built facilities. By using Restore Records Management services you can give yourself great peace of mind that your sensitive company information is being looked after in a manner that meets your compliance responsibilities under GDPR.

Restore archive document storage

There are many business records that you need to keep by law for many years for auditing purposes. While this makes a lot of sense, it also can be an extra burden on your business, especially if you generate a lot of documents as part of your business procedures.

You need to keep these documents somewhere, but it will not take you long to realise that storing all your long-term archive documentation on-site simply is not practical or viable. Then there is the increased data security risk of keeping so much of your company's sensitive information on your premises.

It makes sense to keep your sensitive company information and archive files secured away from your base of business. This makes it less likely that your business will fall victim to a data breach from someone entering your building and accessing your files without your knowledge.

What is the purpose of document archiving?

When you generate a file that contains sensitive data, you simply cannot throw it away once you have used it for its intended purpose. Archiving your documents is the process of storing away old data that you have used, but that may still be important to your business, but is not actively in use any longer.

You need to keep these files for possible future use for your business but storing them away in filing cabinets and filing cupboards can take up a lot of valuable office or workshop space.

When you compare costs between your office rent and our archive storage services on a square-foot basis, you will see it will be far more cost-effective to use our archive storage facilities to store your paperwork than to keep it on-site using up most of your valuable floor space.

Document storage UK facilities

You do not need to worry about accessing your files after you have moved them to our secure storage facilities. We have over 70 dedicated secure records storage bases spread across most regions of the UK, so there will be one of our facilities within easy reach of your business base.

Restore Records Management is part of the Restore Group of companies and we have invested a lot of time, money, and research into the installation of cutting-edge technology and equipment that delivers our business clients with a complete end-to-end service.

We will always place the security of your sensitive data at the heart of our operations because we know that both your and our business reputations depend on it.

We can take care of every step of your custody chain, right from the initial pick up of your business documentation directly from your business premises to the complete management of your documentation. This includes the security tracked transportation of your business records to one of our near storage facilities and the digitisation of those documents if needed. We will carry out a final audited destruction of your obsolete files once they have reached the end of their useful life.

The types of secure records storage facilities we offer

At Restore Records Management, we understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to the safe storage of your business files and sensitive data. Therefore, we offer a range of purpose-built solutions to fit your needs.

Our secure facilities include:

  • Our near storage facilities for files that are still in active use and need to be accessed on a regular or semi-regular basis. We have 70 purpose-built storage warehouses across the country with strict security access and 24/7 active protection. You can easily request file retrievals and delivery to your door, usually with same day or next day delivery.
  • Our deep storage facilities for items that you need to retain for many years or want to keep safe forever, such as medical records, financial records, land deeds and wills. All our deep storage facilities are climate controlled to help preserve the integrity and condition of your paper documentation and magnetic tape or disc backup disaster recovery plan data.
  • Our Heritage Storage facilities for rare or priceless items that need to be kept in a secure and protected environment to keep them safe from theft, fire, flood and environmental damage through sun exposure, insect infestation and damp or mouldy air conditions.

You don't need to worry about being able to retrieve any of your near or deep storage items as our RSWEB and Dovetail software programmes provide controlled access, online document tracking, process efficiencies and speedy accessibility by making everything available at the touch of a button.

Our Dovetail system interfaces beautifully with your existing management systems and blends seamlessly with document management software used by Restore such as O’Neil’s, eView and DocuWare.

Restore Records digitisation programme

There is increasing pressure from the government to make UK businesses as environmentally friendly as possible and to take measures to reduce the carbon footprint that companies have on the planet.

Part of this drive is to make businesses as paper-free as possible. While it is inevitable that some businesses and organisations cannot operate without generating paperwork, we can help to reduce the load by making your company a more paper-light organisation.

While you do need to keep certain business records for a long time by law, you can use our latest technologies to scan your paper documents as part of your commitment to your company digitisation plan.

By using our document scanning services we can help transform your business into a more streamlined operation. Once we have scanned your paper files and have an electronic copy to keep on record to meet with your HMRC compliance, we can securely shred your scanned documents and even dispose of your paper shred waste in an environmentally friendly way that keeps your waste out of the landfill, therefore reducing your business waste to zero, by using our secure Datashred services.

With our bespoke document management systems, you can be assured of a complete service no matter whether your files are digital or in hard copy form. Our effective document management system will take care of both versions of your data, and once your documentation reaches the end of its useful life, we will be here to help with the secure end destruction and disposal of your records.

Why choose Restore’s secure records storage?

Archiving your business documents is important for many reasons, but the most important reason is for your data security. Unfortunately, we now live in a world where business data is extremely valuable and the simplest of data breaches, even accidental ones, can be exploited by criminals to such a point that the business will never be able to recover.

Every business owner wants to ensure that both their company and personal data remains safe and protected. This should be your main priority, and this is our secure records storage services are ideal for both short-term and long-term protection of your valuable company data.

Two of the largest sectors that Restore Records Management help to keep secure are the legal and medical industries. When you think that hospitals and legal firms need to keep personal records of their patients and clients for up to a minimum of six years or more, then these archived files will quickly build up and start to gather dust if left in-situ for all that time.

We are also the custodians for the documentation of many of the UK's largest Blue-chip companies with sensitive data potentially worth millions of pounds to data theft criminals. This is why our company doesn't skimp on our security measures, hold back on employing the very best security staff and investing in the latest cutting-edge protection technologies to keep all of this precious data safe and out of criminal hands.

Eliminating business risk

All of the Restore Records security staff have been thoroughly vetted and go through a programme of comprehensive in-house training to ensure they understand their role in protecting your sensitive data and keeping your company in complete compliance with your obligations to eliminate potential data breaches.

By using our secure records storage services, your business or organisation will be making sure that you all but eliminate your business risk when it comes to protecting your company data and keeping it out of the wrong hands.

Nothing is left to chance with our secure document services. We really do provide you with a door-to-door service! You can feel rest assured that your business documentation will be constantly monitored 24/7 and at no point will your information be left unattended, open to public view, or accessible by unauthorised persons without security clearance issued by yourself.

Our door-to-door collection and retrieval services are fully trackable with a bar-coded trail to prove your documents will never leave our chain of custody that puts your company at risk of a data breach.

Our fully tracked and monitored security collection and retrieval vans are never left unattended. While in transit between your premises and our secure storage facilities, your business files are always personally accompanied by our fully trained security personnel, so you can feel confident that your sensitive company data will never be put at risk when choosing to work with Restore Records Management.

No company too big or too small

Because we are the largest secure document storage company in the UK, many smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs think that their business is too small for us to help. However, nothing could be further from the truth!

We have very flexible services that can cater to businesses of all sizes. Our secure records storage facilities can take care of your archived documents no matter how big or how small your company.

Both small and large organisations will generate a growing amount of paperwork over the years, so just because you have a small business you don't need to worry – you can be assured of our tailor-made services no matter whether you need to store twenty file boxes or many thousands, we are here to help you!

You can find out more information about our Secure Records Storage services, or you can contact our friendly team who will be happy to discuss your document storage needs directly with you. No matter what size business or organisation your run, we are here to help!