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Shoe Fetish

Published on 13 November 2018

Shoe Fetish

Imelda was born in 1929 and met Ferdinand Marcos in April 1954. They married just 11 days later. Ferdinand became president in 1965 and they remained in control of the Philippines for the next 20 years. As a clever, charming and ambitious First Lady, Imelda embraced an opulent (and highly controversial) lifestyle with lavish spending both on projects within the Philippines and on herself.

Following their exile from the Philippines in 1986, the Marcoses left behind – among many, MANY other things – the infamous shoes. Anywhere between 1,000 and 7,500 pairs depending on which account you read. Big Audio Dynamite wrote a song about Mrs Marcos in 1988, called 2000 Shoes, which adopts the lower estimate for the number of pairs.

This collection was left in inadequate storage at the presidential palace before being transferred to the National Museum in Manila. Having been attacked by termites, mould and humid conditions in the palace, the cardboard boxes were then subjected to a heavily leaking ceiling during a storm in 2012.

A restoration project took place and now 800 pairs of the size 6s, plus many of Ferdinand’s shoes, are on display in a shoe museum. 

Imelda spent three years in Hawaii in exile before being allowed to return to the Philippines. In 1995 she was elected for the first of four terms as a congresswoman in the House of Representatives.

We won’t step on your blue suede shoes…
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