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Slow start for GDPR

Published on 25 January 2019

Slow start for GDPR

Only 35% of Europe-based companies responded. Companies from outside Europe were slightly more proactive with a 50% response rate. Perhaps unsurprisingly, digital businesses such as mobile banking and streaming services responded most quickly, sometimes within one day, but overall the average response time, of those who bothered, was 21 days.

Retail firms were the worst, only 24% of companies contacted replied, while financial services were the best with 50% providing the information.

The results indicate that companies which started life off-line – or those with legacy systems – might find GDPR more challenging to implement.

Talend’s Jean-Michel Franco comments that businesses that ensure their data is consolidated and stored in a transparent and shareable way will be able to respond quickly to information requests and thereby boost customer trust. Businesses not taking GDPR seriously are missing a trick, as well as risking falling foul of the regulation.

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