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Stranded at the drive-in?! Restore Records Media Storage

Published on 16 June 2020

Stranded at the drive-in?! Restore Records Media Storage

So, hands up who went straight online to find out about their nearest drive-in cinema? Although drive-ins have never achieved a huge level of popularity in the UK, there are a few companies if you search hard enough, as well as open air cinemas during the summer months.

Drive-in movie theatres started in New Jersey in 1933. Open air cinema had been around for a while, but watching a movie from your car was a novel idea. Richard Hollingshead worked out a system so cars could park at different heights so everyone could see the screen, but progress was slow until in-car speakers arrived a decade later. However, after a peak in the late 50s, drive-ins started to decline. The price of land and being limited to showing one movie each night meant drive-ins became largely uneconomical.

There are still just over 300 drive-ins in the US, a few in Canada and Australia and apparently growing numbers in China. With sound coming through car radios, family movies being shown, and food delivered to your car it seems a perfect easing-out-of-lockdown activity.

Did you know we store films? As well as magnetic tape for computer back-ups, we store films in super special areas with all the right environmental and humidity controls as well as 24-hour security and fire suppression technology.

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