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Switch off and read!

Published on 28 February 2018

Switch off and read!

In this screen-obsessed era isn’t it good to get cosy with a book, lower the stress, flex the brain – especially if you’re snowed in. That’s how we’ll be celebrating this year’s (UK) World Book Day, at any rate. Read on… 

world book day


In the UK, we like to do things differently, don’t we? We celebrate World Book Day on the first Thursday in March and have done so for the past 20 years. It’s a UNESCO initiative to encourage a love of the written word in children, particularly primary school kids. It’s also a source of great angst among their parents as, each year, they try to cobble together a fancy dress costume depicting their child’s favourite book character.

In over 100 other countries around the world they celebrate World Book Day on 23 April – the date of Cervantes’ death and, coincidentally, Shakespeare’s too.

Be that as it may, the aim is to encourage parents and cares to spend time reading with their children and this year, the aim is for a 10-minute cosy session every day this week.

If I had kept every book I have ever owned or read, I could probably rival the local library and, over the years, reading has brought me great pleasure.

Here at Restore we are good at storing books. Whether it’s your latest accident record book or an accounts ledger from 1865, we know the correct conditions in which to keep it – and can provide conservation advice, too, if you need it.

In fact, we know the correct way to store all your documents. Whether they are x-rays or property deeds, your documents are safe with us, protected by incredibly sensitive smoke detectors and the latest dessicant and air handling technology. If you would like to have a look around any of our facilities, wherever you are in the country, please get in touch and we would be delighted to show you round on that’s local to you. We have a couple of places in our facilities portfolio that are historic monuments – well worth a visit and a guided tour with one of our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team.

In the meantime, there’s a little more information about our near and deep storage here Near & Deep Storage