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The Many Benefits of Using Secure Off-site Storage

The Many Benefits of Using Secure Off-site Storage


There is no getting away from it. Most busy offices run up a lot of records and paperwork. If you have a look around your office right now, you will probably find boxes and filing cabinets filled to bursting with paperwork. The problem of finding space for new paperwork every day can mean you cramming every corner, shelf and empty space with files.

Apart from the feeling of claustrophobia that over-crowded offices can create, there is also the added fire risks to take into consideration. Here is where secure off-site storage can come in very handy indeed!

There are numerous benefits in moving your business paperwork off-site and into a secure storage facility run by a professional and highly experienced company such as Restore. Not only is moving your files a great way to free-up precious office space, you are also reducing or removing the chance of a fire spreading, should you experience a fire at work.

Restore offers a cost-effective secure storage service to alleviate your cluttered office. Clearing paperwork not only frees up space but in doing so will help to reduce insurance premiums through the removal of risk.

You may be thinking that it is too expensive to keep your business records stored off-site. However, secure off-site storage is extremely cost-effective particularly when you consider the opportunity cost of using your own office space.

If you are planning to expand your business and employ more staff, then moving to larger premises may be an option. However, the costs of moving can be considerable. By moving your document storage offsite you may be able to free up sufficient space to accommodate that business expansion without the need to move to larger and more expensive premises.

Restore offers safe and secure document Storage for all of your business records, files, disks and tapes, in state of the art archive and secure vault facilities.


Easy access to your off-site record storage


You can be rest assured that you will know exactly where your company files are at all times. This is because Restore have 70 regional secure storage facilities in use that means your files are never too far away. Should you need to quickly locate and retrieve specific documents or files, you can get swift access to them via our O’Neil’s and Dovetail software programs that provide controlled access and speedy accessibility where everything is catalogued and available at the touch of a button.

For extra safe and secure management of documents that you may not need to access quickly, such as deeds, wills, financial and medical records that must, by law, be retained for many years, you can choose our deep storage option.

Restore take the care of your data very seriously. We only employ fully vetted staff, we have GPS-tracked vehicles so we know where your files are at all times during the transportation to our secure storage facilities. Our storage locations are operated with strict access control; and are fitted with fire suppressants and air and humidity control for full care and protection of your data. We operate to BS7858:2012 and BS1571:2009  standards.


Complying with current data protection laws


As a business owner, you are responsible by law to keep your records protected. This includes  personal information belonging to both your customers and your employees. Business premises get broken into every day, sometimes it is with intent, but sometimes it can simply be to vandalise and cause as much damage as possible, sometimes resulting in a fire being started deliberately. The devastation this can cause can be insurmountable.

Storing your company files off-site with Restore secure storage solutions is an option that many leading business owners have taken advantage of. We offer the perfect opportunity to enable you to comply with current data protection laws through our secure storage service, while at the same time keeping the clutter in your office to a minimum.


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