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Ticking the right boxes… with storage boxes - Restore Records Management

Published on 23 May 2018

Ticking the right boxes… with storage boxes - Restore Records Management

As promised, Amber Rudd and GDPR – a little less sugary than Doughnut Week.

A tiny bit of background to the ‘Windrush scandal’. The Windrush Generation arrived from Commonwealth countries between 1948 and 1971, responding to a call for help with re-building Britain after the War. Many children travelled on their parents’ passports, as was common at the time. As immigrants from Commonwealth countries arriving before 1971, they were given indefinite leave to remain. The rules changed for those arriving after 1971.

The Home Office moved out of its Croydon offices in 2010 and took the opportunity to rationalise the records it held. This rationalisation included destroying the database of landing card slips, allegedly despite warnings from staff that they were fairly regularly used as evidence of arrival before the crucial 1971 cut-off date. The Government maintains that the slips did not provide proof of residence and were destroyed under the Data Protection Act forbidding them to retain data longer than necessary.

From 2012, all immigrants were asked to provide evidence, such as passports, of their right to remain in Britain when applying for jobs, to use the NHS or to show prospective landlords, and so on. In many instances those landing slips were the only formal proof of the date of their arrival in Britain.

So, how would this change under GDPR?

GDPR permits data to be stored – providing it is protected and known about – if it is in the public interest, for scientific or historical research or statistical purposes. Holding immigration data would seem to tick all three boxes.

Restore Records Management is an expert in compliant information and data management. We are also experts in your business, which means your account manager knows precisely how GDPR impacts your industry or business sector. Now that the new data protection regulation is in force, if you have any questions about how your data protection set-up is or isn’t working, why not give us a call on 01293 780075?

And Amber Rudd: wrong place at the wrong time? What do you think?

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