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What is Offsite Tape Storage?

Published on 08 April 2019

What is Offsite Tape Storage?

Just about every professional company will have a secure back-up plan for disaster recovery. This often includes keeping a set of back-up magnetic tapes to fall back on just in case their company data system is ever compromised.

Does your company have a set of back-up tapes? If so, where do you keep them? How you store and protect your back up data is important and this is why it makes sense to look at a secure offsite tape storage service for many different reasons.

Let's take a look at why it is important to keep a set of back up tapes safely secured offsite and what to look for in an offsite storage facility and service provider.

Safeguarding your company data

Hundreds of thousands of companies keep magnetic backup tapes as a way to safeguard their company's data from loss or damage.

Whether your company suffers from a malicious attack or experiences a natural disaster or an accident that results in major physical damage, having a set of back-up tapes can be a very reassuring thing.

Disasters such as a fire or flooding, vandalism, or even an incident such as a burst water pipe or high voltage electricity surge can cause severe damage to a company's IT infrastructure in mere moments. Being able to recover from such disasters as quickly and effectively as possible is critical for your business.

Are back-up tapes old-fashioned now?

While it is true that businesses have been using magnetic tape back-ups for decades, despite the rise in modern technological alternatives that provide faster back up solutions, tape back-ups are still popular because of their low-tech, tried and trusted effectiveness.

For many business owners, there is something reassuring about having a set of magnetic tape back-ups for their company data system. In the event of a major crisis, you really don't want to be road testing a new leading edge, but unproven technology recovery system.

Cost-effective backup solution

Magnetic tape back-ups are also still a very cost-effective solution for many business owners. A company can archive numerous tape copies and the tape can be recoverable even if the tape cartridge suffers some damage. You can replace the cartridge and in most cases, the tape will still be readable.

Just to be on the safe side most businesses will go for a secure combination of both digital and tape back up. Lots of well-established older firms that were around long before the invention of cloud storage and other alternative data storage solutions will still need to keep their back-up tapes well protected to meet with their company Data Protection compliance.

Back up tape storage solutions

When considering your tape storage plans you will need to think about whether to keep a spare back up set on-site as well as off-site. Many company owners use a combination of both to ensure that in the event of a major disaster they will come out of it with at least one set of usable backup tapes still intact.

Why most business owners look at using offsite storage is to avoid both their current data system and their back-up copies being lost at the same time. This can happen as a result of an on-site disaster such as a flood or fire etc.

This is why it makes sense to look closely at good offsite backup tapes storage facilities and service providers with a good track record of looking after magnetic tapes.

Choosing the right tape storage service provider

You may consider storing a set of back-up tapes in a common local warehouse storage facility. However, this could be a risky decision because you will still need to meet with your data protection requirements by law.

According to the rules of the Data Protection Act, you are responsible for keeping your sensitive company data protected at all times. Choosing a cheap local warehouse storage facility may not fully comply with current data protection rules. You could be putting yourself at considerable risk of hefty penalties through improper storage and ongoing security of your company data.

Another consideration is that your secure offsite storage facility should still be easily accessible so that following a major data loss you can quickly access your tapes and restore your data system as soon as possible.

Why your chosen storage facilities count

Your tape storage facilities should not only be secure with a good level of protection from physical theft or vandalism, but the actual facility structure should be extremely safe from other threats such as extreme weather conditions.

If your business IT infrastructure and data system could be at risk of fire, flood or accidental damage, then making sure that you keep your back-up tapes in storage facilities that will remain unaffected by extreme weather or damaging climate conditions is a very important consideration.

Storing magnetic tape in unsuitable environmental conditions can lead to the degradation of your tapes eventually rendering them unreadable. The last thing you want to discover after a major crisis is that your back up tapes are unusable.

Investing in offsite tape storage services

As technology continues to advance, so does the importance of backing up your company data. This creates a need for secure storage to protect your precious data. This is why you should consider investing in the services of a specialist data-storage provider such as Restore Records Magnetic Tape Storage Solutions.

Every business will create a large volume of data each day in a variety of different formats. Whether this is in hard copies of printed documents to electronic copies. All of your information has to be stored somewhere – and stored safely, securely, and in compliance with current Data Protection Act regulations.

Your back-up tapes are no exception here and should be stored in a specialised offsite media storage facility that is suitable for maintaining the condition and integrity of your back-up tapes.

Archived or nearby storage

To a company owner, some data is more important than other data. This is why it is important for a company to decide how and where they will store their data and back-up tapes.

There will usually be some data files that are not needed to be accessed at all, such as historical documents that can be deep archived for their protection but contain no data that is important or useful for the day to day running of the business.

Magnetic backup tapes may seem like they are not of huge importance, especially in the digital age, but should the day ever come where they are crucial to the recovery of a failed data system, they will be invaluable to the future of that company.

When assessing your document and data storage options, it is worth considering the value of your data, especially with regards to your back-up procedures. You may choose to keep back up data on an external drive, an online back-up service, and also keep a set of back up tapes – just in case!

Should the worst happen where your data system cannot be recovered by any other means than via your magnetic tape back-up, you will be very thankful that you bothered to keep a set of tapes in the best possible conditions within secure offsite storage facilities.

Added benefits of choosing Restore Records magnetic tape storage

There are a lot of added benefits that come from a secure offsite tape storage service such as ours. A major benefit is having great peace of mind knowing that your critical business data is being closely monitored by our in-house security staff.

There is no need to worry about the threat of any data-breaches with Restore Records. Our layers of security means that you can manage your sensitive data requirements with confidence, leaving you free to focus on more important tasks concerned with running your business.

We pride ourselves on our confidentiality, efficiency and high security. We understand the pressures put onto your shoulders with regard to managing and protecting your sensitive and confidential company data. It can be a difficult job to run a successful business while trying to ensure that every piece of sensitive information your company gathers is kept secure and protected from data breaches and theft.

With Restore Records tape storage you can have the reassurance that all of your computer back-up tapes, DVDs Magnetic Tapes and CDs will be kept in an appropriate secure off-site storage facility that is perfectly fit for the purpose.

What our back up tape storage services provide:

• GPS-tracked collections and deliveries from storage facilities near you

• Secure storage with 24/7 security entry systems and CCTV

• A stable environment with temperature and humidity control

• Inergen™ Premier fire suppression system – the ‘greenest’ of suppressant gases

• Desktop control through online tracking software, which enables access at the touch of a button, audit trails and proof of un-broken chain of custody.

Should the worst happen to your business, at least with Restore Records services at hand you will feel confident that you will have your business back up and running within just a few short hours.

Your data is protected in the event of a disaster

By using our offsite tape storage facilities your emergency data recover back-up procedures can be put into effect swiftly.

Deep archiving your records

Using magnetic tapes for deep archiving company records can be better than storing physical paperwork. Tape back-up is an inexpensive way to keep important old financial records and will take up less physical storage space than the equivalent paperwork.

When servers fail

Magnetic tape back-ups can prove to be invaluable for restoring a data system in the event of a major disaster where your servers fail or have been damaged beyond repair. This is why a lot of business owners choose to keep their well-established tape back-up systems going, even in this modern age of cloud-based storage and digital technology.

Data Protection Act Compliance

A company that holds a large amount of critical and sensitive data will know that they need to meet their Data Protection compliance requirements in order to avoid severe penalties from the government.

Short of keeping your data safely locked up in your own facilities that would need to resemble a high-security prison or bank vault, the next sensible option is to keep data safe with a reliable company that can be trusted to do this for you.

Restore offsite tape storage facilities

You can be rest assured that your back up tapes will be securely stored within our high-security storage facilities. Your back-up data will be individually managed, logged, and kept safe from theft, loss, accidental and environmental damage.

All of our data storage facilities have a very high level of physical and technological security. This means that only authorised personnel have access to our secure facilities. Our storage facilities are not open to the public and no unauthorised access is allowed past our external checkpoints.

When you need to access your stored data, every single request will be authorised with you before removal or transportation. The movement of your data is securely tracked with GPS-tracking so both you and the Restore Records security team know exactly where your data is at every moment.

Restore Records Accreditations

You can put your trust into Restore Records to look after your sensitive data. We are accredited to:

ISO 9001 ISO 9001: This service quality standard guarantees to our customers that our service processes are based on best practice.

ISO 14001 ISO14001: This standard, achieved by Restore Datashred in July 2012, is designed to help organisations minimise any negative effects their operations may have on the environment, to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements, and to continually improve our standards.

ISO 27001 ISO 27001: This standard highlights our commitment to effective information security. All our staff are security checked to BS7858.

With Restore Records you have found the right company with the reputation and flexibility to grow with you and protect your valuable company data. Feel free to contact our team today to discuss your tape storage needs.