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What is Specialist Heritage Storage and Who Should Use It?

Published on 13 January 2021

What is Specialist Heritage Storage and Who Should Use It?

When you think about what is classed as heritage, you can include a full range of things from our inherited traditions, songs, foods and local events to physical things such as ancient monuments like Stonehenge.

But throughout the centuries people have also collected objects that have become an important part of our culture, such as sculptures, paintings and other artwork that convey emotions or tell stories of a bygone age. 

Looking after our heritage items is much more than simply preserving them and putting them on display. A lot of work is needed to recover and restore newly discovered collections of old things, such as ancient treasure hordes or historical objects recovered from old shipwrecks etc.

While most newly discovered heritage treasures are handled by restoration experts, they need to be able to take their time to carefully clean up and restore works of art and will need to keep these heritage items in safe storage before, during and after the restoration work takes place.

This is where Restore’s Heritage Storage services come in very handy. We work closely with the heritage sector in their valuable work helping to conserve rare and precious artefacts and historical objects for future generations to enjoy.

We offer an innovative heritage storage scheme for art galleries, museums and historical preservation organisations that meets the highest conservation standards as laid down in PD5454:2012 and BS/EN16893 – all at the lowest prices.

Heritage is an important part of the present

Heritage items such as museum collections help to teach us valuable lessons from the past. It can give us a sense of who we are, where we live and where we come from.

This is why it is so important that we preserve and protect museum collections and historical objects going into the future. Heritage collection storage space is not just a physical space to hold museum collections. They are also fluid, every-changing places where restoration pieces can be taken out and returned for ongoing restoration processes.

Museum collections are not always static either. Most museums will hold special events throughout the year that will focus on a particular topic, artist or era of history. They will constantly be rotating and changing their museum displays to keep visitors engaged, entertained and returning time and time again.

How heritage storage space is used

Restore’s Heritage Storage services work closely with many UK museums to provide them with a dedicated space to store unique museum objects, such as ancient prehistoric specimens, historical documents of significance and rare artwork or fragile pottery objects from ancient dynasties and royal reining periods.

Restore’s Heritage Services offer dedicated spaces that have been upgraded to meet current UK standards and requirements to enable the preservation, protection and accessibility of the collection for leading museums and art galleries in the UK.

The UK heritage sector uses our storage space for the ongoing safe storage, care and organisation of their precious collections while it is in storage. Restoration teams are allowed special access to their objects so that they can continue to assess and implement restorative work to help improve the condition of their objects and will always have a safe long-term place for the ongoing preservation of their collections.

Why choosing specialist heritage storage is important

When trying to preserve a valuable and historic object, each decision you make about its safe storage will impact on its consequences in the long term. Many people wonder why they cannot simply store away heritage items in the regular storage spaces they have available on their own premises.

While it may seem logical to use your own basement storage space or spare rooms that are not in use to store museum collections or artwork when not on display, this could be the wrong move when trying to improve the preservation and protection of your heritage items.

Having a carefully controlled storage space for your collections is a major element of your conservation work. Choosing the right environment for the storage of your items is essential to the long-term preservation of your collections.

Quite often the space available to you within your own premises will be inadequate and unsuitable for the safe storage of your collections. Buildings, especially basements, can be subject to damp and mould, and delicate fabrics can be destroyed by insect infestations or from mice or rats taking up residence in your building.

Sunlight and fluctuating air temperatures can also cause a lot of damage. Bright light can fade paintings, the dry heat of summer can dry out and cause the old wooden furniture to discolour and crack. If the air is too dry or damp or contains a lot of dust, your collections could suffer as a result and can quickly deteriorate to a level that can be hard to recover from.

How our heritage storage services can help

Restore’s Heritage Storage services offers you a state-of-the-art solution for the safe long-term storage of your irreplaceable heritage items, with the flexibility of being accessible to your staff whenever you need to retrieve an item or swap out a whole collection when you want to change your displays.

Working with our Heritage team will help to minimise deterioration, damage, or loss through the implementation of:

·         A proper storage space with specialised strategies and techniques for preservation

·         Cutting-edge security and fire protection

·         Effective integrated pest management control

·         Heritage appropriate environmental conditions

·         Immaculate housekeeping practices

·         Safe handling practices

Our well-designed heritage storage facilities can readily accommodate your museum collections, art collections and rare historical items with a comprehensive approach to the safe management of your precious collections.

Our good housekeeping procedures and security practices will prevent risks to your collections from environmental damage and deterioration as well as from physical threats from theft and malicious actions such as arson.

We have taken every step possible to provide our clients with a multi-layered solution for the safe storage of unique historical items with our protective enclosures, from the striking and unique heritage storage buildings we use to the state-of-the-art equipment that we use internally to keep environmental conditions stable and keep damaging sunlight and insects out.

Although your collection storage needs will vary from someone else's, it is those variables that we consider and accommodate to successfully house your collections. We thoroughly evaluate each layer of protection your collection needs and will provide an ideal solution for their safe storage.

Our unique heritage storage facilities

To meet your collection’s preservation and protection needs, we provide you with the use of our very unique storage facilities with environmental, security, fire and flood protection and building qualities that meet PD5454:2012, and unparalleled flexible contract terms.

Our storage buildings are actually converted ex-Cold War hardened aircraft shelters that will provide your collections with optimum protection from flooding, fire, damp and pests.

These unique structures make good use of buildings that are heritage items in themselves. They are massive, bomb-proof, thermally inert historic buildings with very low energy needs.

We offer climate-controlled storage through our bespoke 'air-handling' machinery which is combined with the latest generation Desiccant machines to maintain specific temperature-controlled storage vaults within the temperature and humidity guidelines of PD-5454:2012. Fire protection complies with BS.5839.

By combining the natural protection of these amazing buildings with our multi-layered approach to the protection of your historical collections, you will be able to shield your heritage items from just about every agent of deterioration or destruction.

The more layers of protection you can give to your collections the better! Using our heritage storage services will give you:·          

·         A secure external structural envelope with impenetrable walls

·         Individual rooms/spaces to immediately enclose your items

·         Purpose-built storage furniture to house your items

·         Climate controllable rooms

We also provide expert collection, secure transportation and careful moving and handling services to ensure your heritage items are fully protected on their journey to and from your premises.

You can talk to our friendly heritage storage team to find out what you need to do to hire our facilities and how you should prepare your objects ready for collection and transportation.

Planning for the future

One aspect of the long-term safe storage and preservation of heritage items to consider is having your own dedicated collection storage space that can be used exclusively for storing your items well into the future.

With most museums, art galleries and specialist collectors of historical pieces, their collections will inevitably grow over the next ten years or so.  Having your own organised space that allows you to make efficient use of your curated items is important.

With our flexible heritage storage facilities, you are able to organise the space how you see fit and enable effective access for you and your staff for the optimum preservation of your historic collections.

Should you need to expand your storage space or move into larger facilities to accommodate new collections or large pieces, then we are here to help! We can work with you to ensure you have the most appropriate storage space to suit your needs, especially if you expect to need more space in the future and have plans to purchase, restore and display more collections.

Our expert storage team can advise you about making the most of your available storage space and how to house objects in appropriate protective packaging and containers using the correct protective materials.

If you have collections that you don't plan on accessing and displaying or performing any restoration work for a long time, then containerising your objects by carefully packing them together to avoid any negative effects will help to maximise your available storage space.

Flexible, expandable heritage storage space with Restore

We can ensure that your heritage collection storage space is both suitable for your needs and sufficient enough for the proper short or long-term storage of your collections. We offer flexible, expandable space to store your precious objects in a non-crowded way that allows air to circulate and allows the option of enough room for the future growth of your collections.

Our heritage storage facilities are available at a very low rate for storage per cubic metre per annum. All of our heritage storage space meets with all current UK environmental, security, fire and flood protection and our unique building qualities meet PD5454:2012 standards.

Restore’s Heritage Storage solutions also offer a state-of-the-art retrieval service that includes inventory location control and secure online access for the tracking and requesting of your objects.

With special access being granted only to authorised staff, you can grant permissions for your archivists, curators and librarians to work on your collections when they need to.

Restore Records Management also offers extra secure vault storage for priceless artefacts and treasured items that you want to keep in extra safe facilities for protection and insurance purposes. Our ultra-secure storage vaults are ex-military bunkers that are carved out of stone and sit many feet below ground level.

One of the leading benefits of our extra secure vault storage is that it is invisible to Google eye and the vault space can be fitted out to meet your requirements. This type of storage offers extremely high security with CCTV and secure entry pads throughout the vault system. Our facility meets the highest conservation standards as laid down in PD5454:2012.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly, expert heritage team who will be able to discuss your needs and tailor-make a storage option that is perfect for your requirements.