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Why Businesses Need Records Management Companies

Published on 08 May 2018

Why Businesses Need Records Management Companies


There are many benefits of using records management companies, the biggest benefit being the secure off-site storage of sensitive company records and paper documents. Using a company such as Restore for your records management needs will offer you the dual benefits of security and convenience.


Security and peace of mind


As a business owner, you have a duty of care to keep sensitive data safe. Data protection laws are put in place to ensure that personal, business and financial information doesn't get into the wrong hands, but the regulations do place an extra burden on those running a business.

While you may take some precautions by having lockable filing cabinets to keep your files safe, these can provide little protection against a determined burglar or an arsonist that sees your records as nothing more than kindling.

Here is where off-site storage services such as those offered by Restore can give you great peace of mind. Your business files, records, tapes, discs and paperwork can be held securely in a purpose built storage facility that is under 24 hour security surveillance.

For especially valuable documents and archive material, such as heritage items, you can trust us to treat your precious possessions well with our special climate-controlled facilities. We like to go further than your average secure storage facility provider. Look at our Heritage Storage Scheme for more information.


Added convenience


As your company starts to build up a collection of documents, records, files and other paperwork, you will find it an increasing burden to find the space to house everything. Most business records have a minimum retention period requirement by law. This means you cannot dispose of these records before their lawful expiry date. Saving office space alone is a good enough reason to choose secure off-site storage, but knowing that your information is being kept in safe hands for the duration of its useful life can be a huge benefit.


Online document management software


By now you may be realising exactly why businesses need records management companies. You may also be wondering how easy it will be to access your company files should you need them in the future.

Restore offer you swift access to all of your securely stored business documentation, so you don't need to worry that you may never see a crucial piece of paperwork ever again. We operate an online management system that offers you complete traceability and visibility of all your files and assets, directly from your own desktop. How's that for convenience!

Not only do we go further than other records management companies in offering this service, we also do this free of charge! We will even send you one of our IT experts to visit your office and set up the system for you. Our IT expert will then train your staff on how to use it so you can be up and running in no time.

At Restore Records Management we use RS SQL – under industry-standard brand name O’Neil’s – as our go-to archive and asset-tracking software program. This offers you a cutting-edge solution to easily trace, recover and track your documentation whenever you need to access it. You will be kept up to speed with everything right from the convenience of your desktop, from file collections, document retrievals, bar-coding and scan on demand, giving you an accurate real-time online audit trail.

Our Records Management system can give your customers confidence in your business. You can show your customers that their information is safe by showing them exactly where their records are being stored – and this doesn't cost your company a penny extra!


Get in touch with one of our helpful and friendly account managers about getting set up with online document management. It could be one of the best business decisions you ever make!