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Why you should choose Restore Records Document Management Services

Published on 16 September 2019

Why you should choose Restore Records Document Management Services

The proper storage, scanning and disposal of your business paperwork are all important elements of your business regardless of what industry sector you work in.

It is required by law that business owners need to keep their files safe and protected from risks such as ID theft and data breaches.

The issues of paper storage

The main obstacle faced by most business owners is lacking the available space to accommodate all of their company paper-based files and records.

There are also obvious issues over the safety of storing paper-based documents on your business premises, firstly from a protection point of view where you don't want any unauthorised access to your company records by people that wish to do your company harm.

The next main issue of storing a lot of paperwork on your business premises is the increased fire risk that your paperwork presents.

While every business owner wants to keep their operational costs as low as possible, when it comes to paying out for your business and property insurance, your policy repayments will be much higher where there is an obvious high fire risk through the storage of your paperwork.

Workplace floorspace issues

It can be an ever-increasing problem for business owners where they do not have the available space to accommodate all of their documentation.

Cramped working spaces because of filing cabinets stuffed full of paperwork can cause productivity issues and can hinder a smooth workflow.

It can really hit home when you realise that you are simply paying a very high price in office space rent when most of your floor space is taken up with file storage. Essentially, you are paying out to rent dead floor space for your filing cabinets.

It would make more sense to hire the professional document management services of Restore Records to solve your document storage and management problems to free up more valuable floor space.

Don't move – improve!

Many business owners are faced with the impossible task of having to move premises frequently as their business grows and expands. However, a lot of the time it can be the increasing build-up of their company paperwork that is absorbing more and more floor and storage space that is causing a major issue.

Hiring a document storage company will help cramped business owners solve the problem of freeing up more floor space to accommodate more staff workstations, making their work premises more productive.

Moving business premises for larger offices can be an expensive business. But you can save yourself a lot of time, money and effort by staying put but utilizing and optimising your available floor space in a much better way.

Whether you are looking for secure off-site document storage, deep-storage for precious, irreplaceable documentation or you need a good paperwork purge and want to have secure destruction of your expired paper archives, then Restore Records are here to help!

Restore Records are industry leaders in the secure storage, digitisation and destruction of your confidential business paperwork.

Ultra-secure deep storage solutions for your most precious paperwork

Of course, you don't need to keep hard copies of your paperwork forever. It makes sense to reduce the volume of your paper-based storage wherever possible. Plus it can also be a very good idea to have a digital back-up copy of any valuable and rare paper documents that are of great importance to your company.

If you run a business that has a very long history, maybe you have some very precious historical documents that are completely irreplaceable. Should these documents ever be lost in a fire, flood or perish due to poor environmental storage, then that would be a great loss to your company.

You can protect your most precious or valuable paper-based company documents such as original incorporation documents, property deeds and wills by having them professionally scanned to create a digital copy and then put into deep-storage.

Restore Records operate ultra-secure deep-storage facilities that have atmospheric control to ensure that valuable paper-based documentation isn't exposed to damp, mouldy or overly dry conditions.

Taking care of works of art

Or deep-storage units also protect rare paperwork and precious works of art from sunlight damage, dust and insect infestation.

Restore's ultra-secure storage vaults are an ex-military establishment literally carved out of stone, well below ground level and therefore invisible to the Google eye. Also, our specialist account managers can help tailor-make the space and storage to your exact requirements.

What we offer with our secure vault storage:

  • Choice of entry pads and locks
  • Complete conservation advice
  • Controlled CCTV
  • Online tracking software giving visibility from desk-to-desk to vault
  • PD5454:2012 conservation standard
  • Specialist account management
  • Specialist air handling, cutting edge desiccant technology
  • Specialist racking
  • Tracking RFID tags

Restore Records secure document storage options

With Restore Records complete end-to-end document management services, we handle everything from the initial uplift of your documents, secure transportation to either our near or deep storage facilities, depending on your needs, to the recording and online filing of your documentation.

Near storage options for your still-active files

Restore Records operate 70 purpose-built secure storage warehouses across the UK, so there is guaranteed to be one that is quite close to your business premises.

You should use our near-storage facilities for your business paperwork that is still active and that you may require regular or casual access to for ongoing business purposes.

Deep-storage options for your archived files

Our deep-storage facilities are more suited to your business documentation that you don't necessarily need to access often – if at all!

If you have documents such as property deeds, wills and financial records that need to be kept for many years by law, then deep-storage is a great choice for these important documents.

You should also consider using our off-site storage facilities for your back up tapes and computer discs. This is a smart move concerning your company's disaster recovery plan.

Do you want to go paper-light or completely paper-free?

Document scanning and imaging is a great solution for a business that is looking to move towards being either paper-light or completely paper-free to help reduce their environmental impact.

The paper-free office is an idea that has been touted for many years, but in reality, not many businesses can successfully operate without generating some sort of paper-based documentation.

However, the savvy business owner knows that paper records can be scanned to create a digitised copy and then the original paper-based file can be securely destroyed.

Doing this can greatly reduce the paper storage burden placed on the shoulders of a business owner, but will also help them to meet with their environmental impact targets and reduce waste that goes to the landfill.

No time to manage your documents?

Spending your time organizing stacks of paper-based files can be a very tedious task. Even when you delegate this job to members of your own staff to perform, you must realise that taking them away from their normal assignments and working tasks will put a serious dent into your productivity and staff performance levels.

Not only this but your staff members assigned to this job may really resent being given this task. This does nothing for workplace happiness, harmony and cooperation.

Rather than assigning this job to your own staff to do all day long, it would make more sense to hire a document management service such as Restore Records to handle all of your data scanning and imaging.

Complete digitisation programme

Choose scanning with Restore Digital as your first step in a complete digitisation programme. We use the latest digital scanning technology and our in-house teams’ many years of knowledge and expertise come together to transform your business into a more streamlined, paper-light organisation with a keen eye on the future.

We will convert your physical documents into digital copies saving you not only plenty of physical floor space in your workplace that can be freed up for more productive use, but digitisation of your documents also removes the possibility of suffering a physical data breach through your paperwork.

The main benefits of document scanning include:

  • Minimum space requirements for paper-based files
  • No need to keep large filing cabinets in your office
  • Free up floor space for added workstations
  • Empty storerooms of paperwork to make space for more business stock
  • Creates a safer office environment for emergency evacuation (no large filing cabinets to navigate around)
  • Reduces the need to move to larger business premises

Easier file retrieval

Another great benefit of paperwork digitisation is that it makes it easier for your staff to retrieve files. There will be no need for your staff members to leave their desks and manually sort through stacks of paperwork to find what they need.

Digitisation of your paper files will mean their retrieval will be instantly at the fingertips of your staff, saving your staff a lot of time and improving their productivity.

Secure end document destruction

While it may sound wonderful to be free from all of your business paperwork that keeps dragging you down, you also need to spare a thought for how you intend to dispose of your paperwork once you have either had it digitised or your paperwork has reached the end of its useful life.

You are responsible for the proper disposal of your company paperwork according to the guidelines set out in the Data Protection Act and the more recent GDPR updates.

Having your redundant paper-based files securely shredded will prevent any confidential data stored in your files from falling into the wrong hands. To make sure that you meet with your Data Protection Act compliance, it would be wise to let a professional handle the job for you.

As part of our Document Management Services, Restore Records can arrange to have your spent paperwork securely shredded via our own Restore Datashred services.

This will give you complete accountability for the safe end-destruction of your confidential paperwork and you will get an official Certificate of Destruction once the process has taken place.

You can use your Certificate of Destruction as proof of your compliance for auditing purposes.

Trusted security measures

No matter whether your documents are being moved to a near-storage or deep-storage facility, are going through digitisation with our scanning management programme, or have reached the end of their useful life and are going to be securely shredded, you can trust our security measures.

Restore Records only use our own in-house fully vetted staff, GPS-tracked vehicles, access control at all of our secure storage facilities, fire suppressants and air and humidity control. We operate to BS7858:2012, BS1571:2009 and USSA Code of Practice standards.

You can enjoy total control with our RS Web and Dovetail software programs that provide controlled access to your files, and make everything available at the touch of a button while ensuring your confidential data receives the care and respect it deserves.

Find out more about our secure document management services and get a quick quote online.

If you prefer to talk to us in person then give our friendly team a call on 0333 060 9562 to discuss your requirements – we are here to help!