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Why you should Choose Secure Offsite Storage

Published on 07 August 2018

Why you should Choose Secure Offsite Storage

Business owners all over the UK need to understand the importance of having secure offsite storage facilities for the data that their company generates as part of doing business. Business owners have a duty to meet and comply with all current data protection laws, including the new GDPR regulations that were introduced in 2018, to update and tighten the laws around the storing and using customer data.

Ensuring that your business securely stores any and all customer data, as well as sensitive data held about company employees, business suppliers and contractors, is a major priority. When you can demonstrate that your company takes every necessary step to protect the data it holds, this can help to build a higher level of trust in your company from everyone that you deal with and hold data about.

Choosing your secure offsite storage service

The type of secure storage back up that you choose is also very important. Business data back up is a routine task that every company does, but how you store your back up data will greatly affect such aspects as the how quickly you can access your data archive, should you need to retrieve stored data, and ensuring the storage facilities can meet your needs for keeping paper documentation safe from damage from fire and floor, or deterioration from sunlight, damp or extreme temperatures.

Not only do you need to look at the conditions of your chosen storage facility, but you also need to take a close look at the security systems that are put in place. Storing business financial records, customer information, staff details and more can be a very tempting data source for criminals such as identity thieves and financial hackers.

The facilities provided need to ensure that there is absolutely zero chance of a security breach where data loss can happen under any circumstances.

Why you should trust Restore Secure Offsite Storage

In this day and age, even the smallest of businesses cannot simply decide to box up all of their sensitive company data and keep them locked away in a spare store room, or even worse – an outside shed on their premises (this actually happened in the past).

Our secure offsite backup is a great way to protect your sensitive company data from risks. Having it safely stored away from your office will prevent any data breaches happening from break-ins and burglaries. Your data will also be protected from the risks that are ever-present on business premises, such as a fire or flood. Lots of businesses have lost important documentation through the actions of arsonists or accidental fires from electrical faults within the building.

Many businesses have also lost precious paper files to accidental floods, as well as to sprinkler systems being set off due to a fire or an accidental trigger by a member of staff.

Despite many offices and businesses going as paper-free as possible to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact, there still will be plenty of paper-based files that are needed or even necessary to be produced, signed and stored away securely.

There is a big problem at the moment with cyber security, and many business owners and managers are so preoccupied with tackling this that they can easily forget the very real risk of data breaches happening with the careless handling of their paper documentation.

By taking care of your paper-based data in a professional way by using secure off-site storage from Restore, you will be making sure that the risk of a data breach is minimised. You don't need to worry about having quick access to your stored data files either as we have a very efficient system in place that makes the retrieval of your documents and files as smooth and easy as possible for you.

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