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Working from home, again

Published on 06 October 2020

Working from home, again

After a short-lived return to the office, we’re back to being encouraged to work from home, where feasible. The London Chamber of Commerce recently revealed that 13% of the London businesses polled plan for WFH to become standard, and many more are planning a more blended approach with smaller office spaces.

If you are planning to downsize your office accommodation, there are lots of ways we can help you get ready for your smaller space. As well as cataloguing your paperwork and removing it to secure, off-site storage, we can store your excess furniture and computer hardware or arrange for it to be re-used or recycled.

We can also plan and carry out your move and provide you with COVID-secure screening, hand sanitisation equipment and wall mounted thermometers so that your office-based people are as safe and comfortable as possible.

Should you find yourself in the position of closing up your premises altogether due to insolvency, we can help with specialist teams to collect, box up and catalogue all relevant items before transferring to secure off-site storage.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to speak to one of our consultancy team about how we can help you reconfigure your working arrangements. We have put together a brochure to download that outlines how we adapt our services to help you adapt to new, more hybrid, ways of working.

If you contact us via the website we will call you back, or you can call us direct on 0333 060 3082. We look forward to hearing from you.