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Worldwide kick about

Published on 10 June 2020

Worldwide kick about

The Homeless World Cup is an annual international football tournament involving over 50 teams of men and women who are homeless. The structure of the tournament, which involves two group stages and a trophy stage, ensures every team plays matches until the final day of competition, with several trophies to be won. The matches are eight-a-side and played as street football in temporary, city-centre stadia. Ninety-four per cent of competitors in the Homeless World Cup say that participating – being a member of a team, training, playing, travelling – has had a positive impact on their lives along with the chance to represent their country in front of an enthusiastic crowd.


This year, the tournament was supposed to take place in Tampere, Finland at the end of June, but instead The Homeless World (Keepy Uppy) Cup will launch virtually in June with the final on 5 July. Each team will have one representative taking part in 30-second rounds to score as many points as possible.


So many events, organisations, businesses and retailers have had to reinvent themselves online over the past few weeks, with huge amounts of work involved in the redesign and infrastructure changes necessary – it all looks calm above the water while the feet are paddling frantically below.


If you’ve had to make such changes to your business or organisation, remember how critical it is to take care of your data and to keep it safely backed up off-site. If you’d like some information on how we can help you with your data back-ups, whether online or physical, please contact one of our friendly people on 0333 060 9562 or through our website.