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Dovetail File Tracking

File tracking - Take control of your data

File TrackingDovetail is our bespoke on-site file and asset tracking software that gives live and historical visibility of all local and stored data. We adapt it to you so that you can track every piece of information, wherever you keep it, reducing the time required to locate information and help solves data protection challenges.

What’s more, Dovetail interfaces beautifully with your existing management systems and blends seamlessly with document management software used by Restore such as O’Neils, eView and DocuWare.


Benefits of Dovetail

  • File trackingTotal Control - Track all of your records, both in your company’s premises or in off-site storage.
  • Complete Lifecycle - Manage the complete lifecycle of your files, with a full audit history.
  • Help with GDPR Compliance - Solve important GDPR-related challenges by integrating multiple data sources.
  • Saves Space - Reduce archive size through superior auditing of retention periods and disposal deadlines.
  • Improve Efficiency - A single management hub, saves time locating and retrieving files.
  • No Complex Installation - Global views, reports and easy configuration.

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