What is Dovetail?
What is Dovetail?
Dovetail is our on-site file tracking software that closes the loop
to give you complete visibility and accountability;
reducing the time required to locate information.
System Integration
System Integration
Dovetail links seamlessly with our internal system and will also integrate
with your on-site records management system.
Dovetail can help you prepare for and manage the stringent requirements
of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation changes.
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Lock down your on-site chain of custody, increase productivity and ensure your business is future-proofed and responsive to all new data protection regulations.

Does this sound like a pipedream? Not if you choose Dovetail.

Dovetail is our bespoke on-site file and asset tracking software that gives live and historical visibility of all local and stored data. We adapt it to you so that you can track every piece of information, wherever you keep it. What’s more, Dovetail interfaces beautifully with your existing management systems and blends seamlessly with our own O’Neil’s document management software.

What Dovetail offers…

  • A single management hub, which ensures the correct levels of access, privacy and security and increases productivity by up to 25%
  • Dovetail helps reduce archive size by up to 20% through superior auditing of retention periods and disposal deadlines
  • Integrated end-to-end data processing
  • Dovetail closes the gaps, minimises risk and helps you gain control of your information.