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Secure tape disposal & data destruction

Restore are experts in back-up tape destruction, government-approved to handle & destroy tape media up to the highest UK security level

Our back-up tape disposal services are carried out by a fully vetted team of IT security professionals. We can carry out the secure destruction of your computer back-up tapes, DVDs Magnetic Tapes and CDs. Both logical erasure and physical destruction can be performed on site or off site at our secure IT disposal facility. Physical destruction includes punching, shredding or degaussing.

For off-site tape destruction we will collect your tapes in tracked vehicles and deliver to our secure facility to carry out the destruction. This service provides a fully recorded and reportable audit trail using STREAMS® , our customer web based portal.

We are very highly certified; take a look at our quality page for more information on our IT disposal certifications.

What we offer...

  • GPS-tracked collections of your unwanted tapes
  • Physical destruction includes punching, shredding or degaussing
  • Choice of on-site or off-site destruction of your tapes
  • Fully recorded and reportable audit trail
  • IT disposal certified