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Online Document Management

If we were to offer you access, traceability and visibility of all your files and assets, direct from your desktop, how would you respond?

How about if we make the program free of charge, and our IT experts come and set it up for you and train your business how to use it?

At Restore Records Management we use RS SQL – under industry-standard brand name O’Neil’s – as our go-to archive and asset-tracking software program. As a leading records management company, we know the benefits the O’Neil’s system offers and wouldn’t be without its wide-ranging compatibility, random access filing, departmental billing, wireless comms for mobile and internet or point-to-point tracking capabilities.

What online access offers…

  • Management and monitoring of all file management processes from your desktop: collections, retrievals, barcoding, scan on demand – deliverable direct to your device if you’re on the move, and an accurate audit trail
  • Streamlining of your business: speed up operations, improve and secure ways of information sharing and access, bring consistency and standardisation to your ways of working
  • Control: online audit trail proves an unbroken chain of custody and helps close the gap for risk when handling data, helping ensure your business is fully compliant; online management helps you control the data, rather than the other way round
  • Demonstrable security: show your own customers that their documents are safe with you
  • All this, and it won’t cost you a penny

But don’t just take our word for it.

Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable account managers about getting set up with online document management. It could be one of the best business decisions you ever make!