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Information security

Restore has, quite simply, an excellent security track record.

We know how to look after your confidential information so that it’s completely safe but instantly accessible, whenever you need to use it.

And with EU and British data protection regulations becoming more wide ranging with potentially far stiffer penalties for non-compliance, you can trust us to care for your data and assets so that you comply with the new legislation. Keeping confidential information safe and secure is a major part of that compliance.

What we offer…

  • Facilities: secure entry systems and CCTV monitored round the clock, GPS-tracked vehicles, vetted drivers and operatives at every stage, secure deep storage, latest dessicant technology for humidity control, specialist racking
  • Systems: industry-leading O-Neil’s software for all our document management processes, our own Dovetail software that we tailor for you to manage your assets in-house. The two work together seamlessly, and can provide secure audit trails and access on a need-to-know basis only
  • Barcoded, tagged files are easily traced for retrieval, collection and scan-on-demand and, finally, for secure disposal
  • Unbroken chain of custody right through to the Certificate of Destruction.

For fuller details on how we can give you complete peace of mind and free up your time for your business, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable and enthusiastic sales team.


Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies

Our records management client base consists of leading accountancy, corporate, financial and law firms, as well as local authorities and hospital trusts.

Here are some practical examples of how companies use Restore to solve their document storage and document management requirements.

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Our free brochure details the full range of services available through Restore Records Management including details of the types of information we manage.

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Why store documents?

As a company, you handle confidential information on a daily basis, and are entrusted by your staff, customers and suppliers to protect this information. Data protection legislation also places a legal duty on businesses to protect confidential information, with unlimited fines for those who fail to do so. This includes all methods of information storage, not just paper documents. If a breach in security does occur, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has the authority to impose huge fines in the instance of non-compliance with data protection legislation.

For many organisations, information is the most important and most valuable commodity they own. No company can afford to underestimate the cost, to both their reputation and their bottom line, of information falling into the wrong hands. In an increasingly competitive business environment, your company’s integrity, reputation and prosperity depend upon the secure handling, storage and destruction of sensitive information.

Why Restore Records Management?

Our facilities have secure entry systems and CCTV monitoring round the clock. Our facilities are temperature and humidity controlled that include fire suppression systems. Boxes are stored on specialist racking to protect your documents. Boxes are barcoded and tagged to be easily traced for retrieval and collection.

Our vehicles are GPS-tracked with vetted drivers and operatives at every stage.

Moving your archives over to Restore could not be easier with our teams managing the whole process on your behalf to save you time and money.

On-going the pick up and retrieval of your boxes can be actioned directly through our RSWEB software or via our admin teams who are on hand to facilitate the movement of your files.