Technology Relocation

We can support all your technology relocation requirements, whatever system you use. Led by a team of expert technology project management and engineering staff, our people are committed to ensuring you have a truly flawless relocation. We will assess and plan every single detail of your project and we promise to keep downtime to the absolute minimum.

We will work closely alongside your IT and Facilities teams to provide a seamless path to completion. Our people will then remain on hand throughout the process, supervising every stage of your project to deal with any issues that may arise along the way. Once your re-installation has been completed successfully you will be given access to a dedicated help desk to deal with any post-move questions. 

Relocating Technology Assets

It is essential that you have a carefully considered relocation schedule in place which allows for each individual item to be decommissioned, relocated and recommissioned on time. Our IT Moves and Changes service is as comprehensive as you want it to be.  Our core service includes PCs, workstations and all peripherals (such as printers and scanners) and we can also cover desktop voice and data equipment.

Server Relocation

With our unique combination of technical and logistical capabilities, we can create a detailed relocation schedule that identifies system interdependencies. This allows us to evaluate potential risks and plan for contingencies.

To deal with the complexities of server relocation, decommissioning and recommissioning and the business-critical nature of such a project, we will undertake a full scoping exercise before your relocation goes ahead. The information we obtain will be used to generate your unique relocation plan and will be included in every aspect of reporting and methodology.

Asset Management

We have developed a tailored product specifically for desktop and servers prior to, during and after a major relocation.  It utilises your existing PC software, allowing for simple training and use without the need for costly licensing and installation.  Our flexible module will be created to your exact specification, making your database completely unique to meet your own business needs.

Our experience of IT and office environments gives us the expertise to undertake your audit.  We use mini touch-screen laptops with on-board barcode scanners to ensure efficiency and accuracy of all data collected.  If needed, our audit activity can take place outside of office hours to minimise disruption to your working day.

IT Disposal and Cleaning Services

Getting rid of your unwanted IT equipment can be tricky.  You need to be sure all previously stored data has been professionally wiped and the disposal is carried out in accordance with current environmental legislation. We specialise in the retrieving, recycling and remarketing of IT assets.

Your relocation is an ideal time to invest in the appearance of your existing equipment so it doesn’t look out of place in your new environment.  Our IT cleaning service will enhance your equipment and leave it looking like new.

Cable Management

When relocating your IT equipment, you will need to consider the impact that cabling can have on your working environment.  A good cabling solution will not only optimise performance and user comfort but can also help you conform to health and safety legislation.

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