Recycling & Reuse

We provide a full range of environmental services for the recycling, reuse, charitable donation and resale of redundant furniture, IT and related office equipment.

IT Equipment Recycling 

We can come to you, bringing our portable CESG-approved destruction technologies to carry out degaussing, software wiping and physical destruction of all media types. Or we can arrange for the full service to take place at our in-house facilities.

We are always mindful of our obligations regarding current legislation, including the WEEE Directive for the safe destruction of electronic and electrical equipment. Using our experience and connections, we maximise the potential channels for resale of equipment, managing and controlling sales to ensure the best possible return for our customers. Our specialist Smart Device and Mobile Phone Division use processes that open up the options for re-sale. We sell wiped and refurbished equipment for the highest return possible. 

At IT Efficient we take our environmental and social responsibilities very seriously, and always consider the impact we have on communities and on the environment. We’re striving to achieve our aim of 0% landfill. 

We provide all customers with access to an online reporting system for instant access to data destruction certificates, waste transfer notes and hazardous consignment notes. 

IT Consumables Recycling

Through our company, ITP, we are Europe’s no. 1 collector of used toner and inkjet cartridges, saving millions from ending up in landfill and at the same time financially supporting many worthwhile causes.

We buy and sell empty toner and inkjet cartridges, stockholding over 500,000 units at any one time and collecting over 1000 different types of cartridge. We also collect and sell:

  • Used mobile phones
  • Unused/surplus new original drum units, toner and inkjet cartridges
  • Used fusers from laser printers
  • Used laser printers

Through ITP’s charitable collection program we collect cartridges and mobiles free of charge. This means that not only do you dispose of your often bulky ‘waste’ free of charge, but charities and the environment benefit too. Currently our supported charities are:

  • The Born Free Foundation
  • Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital

Office Furniture & Equipment Recycling

If you have No Longer Needed office furniture and equipment, we commit to taking those items and dealing with them for you. We’ll survey all your No Longer Needed equipment and recommend a course of action based on the quality of your items. 

Initially we will find and engage with charities and good causes or re-sell your items through our network of traders. What’s left will be processed at our accredited recycling centre where every item will be separated into its constituent parts for re-use as raw material.

Contact us today to find out more about our recycling and reuse services.

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