Application Processing and Client On-Boarding

Signing up new clients is often the first time they will experience how you operate, how responsive you are and ultimately what kind of future service they can expect. An automated, smart, efficient and responsive on-boarding solution from Restore generates a unified client on-boarding experience, lower processing costs and improved customer satisfaction. A Restore solution will support you in delivering excellent customer service throughout the on-boarding process meaning new customers are more likely to recommend your services to their friends and family, thus enabling you to reach new potential clients at a much lower cost than traditional marketing.

A poor on-boarding experience consisting of multiple time consuming steps for both the client and your own teams means higher processing costs, longer timeframes and reduced customer satisfaction. Today’s potential customers do not want complicated processes that require forms to be filled out by hand, cheques written, branches visited or original document to be sent, nor do they want to wait for hours, days or even weeks whilst internal teams deal with the application. Instead people require instant feedback, gladly posting opinions on social media channels when these expectations are not met resulting in costly social media monitoring.

Customers expect on-boarding to be as simple as downloading a mobile app, filling out a web form or making a single phone call, and they want instant feedback to complete the process in a single session wherever possible.  

Our Solutions

Restore supply a combination of technology and services to ensure your client’s receive seamless transition experiences from first contact through to final sign up, whilst reducing your internal processing cost and providing measurable return on investment.

Our solutions can be delivered as a fully managed service from one of our processing bureaus, on-site within your own teams or we can offer personnel to manage offshore processing or cloud services. Whatever your requirement, our professional services teams will work with you to design and implement a perfect on-boarding solution using our range of available cutting edge technology and services. 

Mobile Applications and Web Portals

Restore’s range of mobile and web technology enable you to digitise the entire application process for your end users. Embedding both mobile and web capture technology into your mobile application or portal, your users can submit ID and other supporting documents via a mobile phone camera or home scanner, at which point our automation technology can extract information to verify required sources and provide instant feedback if further submissions are required. When taking photo or scanning in an ID document, such as a driving license, we can extract names and addresses etc. and prepopulate the application form to speed up processing thus giving the client an improved and efficient experience. Once submitted, portals and mobile applications can then be utilised by the client to track application progress, providing instant feedback and reducing customer service calls

E-Mail Applications

Customers will occasionally apply via email, or the first contact will be an enquiry to a standard email address such as Restore’s solutions automatically read these e-mails to understand the content of the application or the nature of the enquiry. We can then use this information to begin the onboarding process, automatically responding in context and transferring the client to a web portal or mobile application in order to complete the application or process, routing via customer services to issue a client call back if necessary.

Paper Applications and Original Documents

Even in today’s digital world, some applications still require paper or original documents to be sent for processing. A Restore on-boarding solution takes this into account whilst still providing all the benefits of automation. Mail items are automatically opened then scanned and original detections sent for additional processing. The scanned images are then read, with data extracted and fed into the digital application process. Standalone paper handling solutions can be deployed into your own solution or outsourced to one of our mail handling centres so you never have to see paper again. We can even handle cheque sorting and banking whilst returning original documents to the sender as required by your process.


Once data has been extracted from the scan documents, mobile applications and web portals, our onboarding workflow will ensure all necessary steps are then carried out internally. Working seamlessly with the web portals, mobile applications or paper scan applications, these will be routed to appropriate teams in priority order alongside updating your internal systems automatically as the application progresses. At the heart of our on-boarding workflow is the concept of “Document Sets” where by an application cannot progress beyond a stage in the process without a complete set of documents. Document Sets can vary from application to application depending on the data submitted and service or product applied for. Our workflow solution will monitor each case and take action if documents are missing or when a document set is complete to ensure timely processing.

Robotic Process Automation

Where appropriate, a Restore solution will implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate “swivel chair” process steps across your application workflow in order to reduce processing time. RPA works by automating what was once a manual process step, for instance, where a user might search, update, or check data within a third party system such as an external website or an internal database. For example, RPA can be used to take the details extracted from a scanned driving license and check the DLVA’s website for license endorsements, or it can be used to run a credit or background assessment that would have otherwise been entered manually. It can even be employed to automate data entry into existing legacy systems such as main frames and databases. Through the utilization of RPA, this enables not only further cost savings via the removal of manual processing steps, but also speeds up client response times, as credit, background or other conformities can ensue automatically.

Call Centre and BPO Services

It is never possible to fully automate everything, sometimes external calls are required to chase documents in order to complete document sets, request additional information from the end user or simply update someone regarding the status of their enquiry. Restore’s BPO and Call Centre Services effectively remove general administrative tasks from your business, freeing up case handlers and subject matter experts to manage exceptions and complex cases.

Client Communication and Digital Signatures

No onboarding solution can be totally digital where outbound communications need to be printed, mailed and then signed and returned. Our client communication and digital signature solution enables the full digitisation of you outbound communication, dealing with multiple branding, languages, product and services whilst customising the content and automatically sending it via email, to print or placing it on portal for secure download if required. Digital submissions mean options can be added to encompass legal admissions and secure digital signatures, thus allowing clients to sign electronically on their mobile phone or via a web portal on a PC. Our digital signatures are completely secure and conform to UK and EU legal standards for digital signatures.

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