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It is never possible to fully automate everything, sometimes external calls are required to chase documents, request additional information from the end user or a third party, or to simply update someone regarding the status of their enquiry, providing a human touch in the process. Additionally, inbound calls need to be handled promptly and efficiently along with social media and email queries and whilst it is possible to handle these automatically, in some circumstance they often require human interaction.

Restore’s BPO and Call Centre Services can remove these tasks from your business, essentially freeing up case handlers and subject matter experts to manage exceptions and complex cases whilst providing a first class, prompt, and cost efficient service to your clients.

Based at one of our multiple locations across the UK or off shore if you prefer, Restore’s BPO and Call Centre Services are tailor made to meet the requirements of each step of your process. Our teams will provide the first point of contact to handle the simple administrative tasks during onboarding or case handling processes and act as the single point of contact until handed over to internal resources to process as required. Our teams can validate information using third party sources, incorporating credit and background checks, engage third parties to request additional information such as medical reports or references, and ensure all the information required to process an application or case is complete and accurate before passing it on to your internal teams.

Our BPO and Call Centre Services fully integrate with our digital mailroom, robotic process automation and onboarding solutions. This enables an offering of a single platform for reporting and continuous monitoring where, human intervention is required with a view to continuously improve the process and automation rates, thus speeding up processing and response times and thereby increasing customer satisfaction whilst reducing costs.

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