Claims forms scanning

Accurate data input and speed of processing are crucial to successfully managing your insurance claims forms. No matter how skilled your staff, there is a way you can improve these speeds and increase the accuracy of the data entered onto your software systems.

This allows your staff more time for risk assessment and fact-checking each insurance claim, minimising your liabilities.

Reduce insurance claims handling times

With new legislation introducing fines for unreasonable delays in claims, processing speed and accurate data are more important than ever. Scanning your claims forms and extracting the data straight into your claims handling software will mean this part of the process will be as streamlined as it can be.

With your claims forms being scanned, correspondence flows from one area or department within your business to another can also be improved as files can be checked out and sent digitally, incorporated into automated workflows, so that no time is wasted. This will, in turn, give more time to identifying the risk of fraud and researching inaccurate applicant data so that claims are turned around much more quickly.

Proven expertise

At one of our existing insurance client scanning sites our team scan approximately 21,000 pieces of incoming claim forms and related documentation from brokers and underwriters each month and upload them into the clients underwriting system within four hours of receipt.

Document scanning services we provide to the insurance sector include:

  • Claim forms scanning
  • Slip scanning
  • Back archive scanning

Reliable, long term support

Restore works alongside many of the UK's leading insurers, across both the London market and the Commercial Insurance sector. Many of these relationships have remained long-term with our capture team becoming an integral part of the client’s business operations.

Restore is accredited to ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008 and ISO27001:2013 British Standards.

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