Digital Mailroom Overview

Clients, Customers, End Users, Suppliers, Contractors and Legal Teams, the list of organisations and individuals that communicate with your company is as varied as the channels of communication they use to send you the information.

Historically the primary channel tended to be paper via hardcopy post, courier deliveries, hand supplied, or faxes, but in most organisations paper mail volumes have dropped, often replaced by email. More recently mobile applications and online portals are used to submit and process documents that were previously delivered by mail or email. 

Regardless of the channel used to communicate, every company still needs to sort, understand, prioritise and distribute this communication, and in the increasing digital world, respond back to the client promptly and accurately. 

Multi-Capture Solution 

A Restore Digital Mailroom solution combines multichannel capture, automated data capture and workflow technology to automatically prioritise, sort and route inbound communications regardless of the channel, therefore reducing time and cost in doing this manually by up to 80%. Once digitised, prioritised and routed you can then ensure your clients and customers receive prompt, accurate responses that enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

Restore provide managed services and on-site solutions for the digitisation and capture of inbound mail regardless of the communication channel used. 

With dedicated facilities throughout the country, our digital mailroom managed services team are currently processing tens of thousands of individual items of post each day, all received via client PO Box redirections, email or portals. 

The same solutions are available to install within your own premises and can be operated either by your own mailroom staff or if appropriate, Restore’s facilities management team. Our professional services team will support you every step of the journey, from concept through to design, development, testing, user training, deployment and go live support. 


Key benefits of our Digital Mailroom Service include:

  • Reduced costs; By digitising and indexing your mail, you will no longer have to allocate staff members to manually process documents on-site.
  • Greater security; Your mail will be diverted to our secure facility, providing a guaranteed safe home for your private documents. After being scanned, your digital files are then accessible by only authorised members of staff, who can view a clearly defined audit trail to track when documents have been accessed, as well as identifying exactly who has retrieved them.
  • Saved space; No more physical documents also means no need to retain space for incoming mail, allowing your business to remove their current mailroom or re-utilise this area for core business activities.
  • Faster retrieval; All digital documents are indexed by a custom series of factors, decided upon during our initial consultation with you. Gone are the days of frantically searching through old letters to find one particular piece of information, as a simple electronic search can access the data you need, quickly and efficiently.

Digital Mailroom Technology

Restore are resellers and system integrators for industry leading digital room software and hardware. Our professional services team are experts in getting the best out of these products to ensure you receive the highest return on investment possible. Please use the links below to view particular products and software.

Kofax Enterprise Software

Restore are a Kofax Platinum Partner with 18 years’ experience of developing and implementing solutions across the entire platform including, Kofax Capture, Kofax Capture Network Server, Kofax Transformation Modules, Kofax Total Agility, Kofax VRS, Kofax Express, Kofax Insight and Kofax Kapow.

Abbyy Software

A partner for 10 years, Restore Digital professional services are experienced in developing and implementing solutions with Abbyy FineReader, Abbyy FlexiCapture and Abby Recognition Server.

Scanning Hardware

Deployment, setup and training across all leading manufacturers including Opex, Kodak, Fujitsu, Canon, and Panasonic. 

Contact us to learn more about our digital mailroom solutions.

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