Invoice scanning and data capture

At Restore, we are aware the management of a high number of invoices can leave organisations with a major administrative challenge. Receiving and processing invoices at multiple sites, across different departments via different media, can put the delivery of accurate processes and strong supplier service at risk.

Additionally, with a lack of transparency, the ability to foresee incoming invoices, and accurately manage cash flows, the job of your accounts payable department is made extremely difficult.

Efficient scanning and import

With our invoice scanning service, we reduce the need for manual data entry with our data capture software, thereby improving the overall efficiency of invoice processing.

Rather than receiving all your invoices, whether electronic or paper-based, at your central mailroom or central inbox, these can all be routed directly to our production bureau. Each individual invoice is run through the latest invoice scanning software and your chosen fields of data are extracted into an XML file, eliminating the need for you to extract the relevant information into your AP system yourself.

This data, along with the individual invoice in PDF format, are returned together ready for automatic import into your AP system.

Unique solutions, reduced costs

Alternatively, we can provide an invoice scanning solution on-site at your place of work. From the design of the data capture software and interface, with your chosen accounts payable package, to the configuration of the latest OCR and classification technology, we develop a unique solution to suit our clients.

Save time from manual processing, reduce costs, increase payment cycles and improve supplier relationships.

Restore is accredited to ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008 and ISO27001:2013 British Standards.

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