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For law firms, even the smallest of contract discussions can result in a lot of documents. Take the more complex and larger-scale disputes and matters into account and it's not difficult to imagine why most law firms pay fees to store roomfuls of paper records and files. Choosing to scan, store and manage these documents digitally reduces the need to pay for this physical storage, while giving you to access critical information found within these documents with ease.

Using legal document scanning services, critical information can easily be found and extracted from an electronic catalogue of clients and cases with a simple click of a mouse. Adding Optical character recognition (OCR) technology to these documents also allows you to rapidly scan your files for keywords or phrases, precisely pinpointing where in the text they can be found. An entire catalogue can be examined in minutes, as opposed to days, for pertinent information. Achieve a quick return on investment through saving time and resources with our legal document scanning service.


We can typically scan these types of files:

Case Files Document Scanning

Police Reports Document Scanning

Deeds Document Scanning

Property & Mortgage Documents Scanning

Litigation  Documents Scanning

Reference Materials Document Scanning

Trusts Document Scanning

Contracts Document Scanning

Communication  Documents Scanning

Wills Document Scanning

Financial Files Document Scanning

Disclosure Documents Scanning

Claims Files Document Scanning


The legal document scanning process

Fast & secure document collection service

We can collect your document files or boxes from your offices anywhere in the mainland UK on the same, next day, or whenever is required. The boxes can be provided to store all of your documents safely.


Removal of staples and paperclips

To ensure a smooth document scanning process takes place, we remove staples, paper clips and tags before scanning the document files.


Legal document scanning service

We use the latest scanners to digitise your legal documents, equipped with ultrasonic, double-feed and automated colour detection and image processing tools. Scanned documents can be supplied to you as PDF, PDF Searchable, TIFF or JPEG, among others. We can scan paper of any size in full colour, greyscale or black and white.


OCR processing

OCR Processing can convert your documents to fully text-searchable files. Using this, it is quick and easy to locate specific data within a file, using keywords to search through the files.

We carry out manual and automated indexing by extracting metadata from documents and client supplied indexes. We also use our knowledge of our clients’ requirements to add intelligent processing, such as interpretation of data, to extract meaning and value


File indexing and categorisation

We typically index each scanned legal document by the relevant data, for example:

Reference number

Document Title




The Restore SAPA solution combines document scanning, indexing the metadata (for fast searching of documents) and loading them into the Restore cloud archive which can be accessed through our web portal, wherever and whenever you need them


ISO quality checks

Our legal files services are fully accredited to ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance standards and we have developed our internal quality-control procedures to ensure that the files meet required industry standards.


Storage mediums

With our legal document scanning service, we can transform your documents to CD, DVD or USB. When supplying confidential data, we normally encrypt the entire collection using high-level encryption.

Restore’s dedicated team, quality check, index, cleanse and can also securely host your documents in the cloud, making them accessible anywhere in the world from your laptop, tablet and phone. Restore Scan-Cloud’s flexible software can be embedded into existing document management systems, including SharePoint, IDox, Filestream and more.


Secure document shredding

Once you have approved the disks your papers can either be returned to you, securely disposed of via environmentally friendly document shredding, or we can store them for a further required period of time.

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