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We live in an increasingly connected world; technology infiltrates nearly every aspect of daily modern life, and healthcare is no exception. The journey to connected healthcare has well and truly begun, with the entire NHS required to provide electronic records by 2020. Restore is contributing to this journey, by helping to provide and develop solutions that enable the adoption of such technologies far easier.


Medical records scanning services assist practices, hospitals, and clinics in adding paper-based patient/medical records to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)


As the number of healthcare organisations implementing EMR and EDMS systems increases, the importance of Medical Records Scanning is growing exponentially. Many practices and clinics are confronted with the reality that scanning all of the legacy patient information is often a bigger challenge than initially expected. Restore offers the experience and expertise to simplify this process. Our team of professionals can help with every step of the process.

Our Process for Medical Records Scanning

Our proven approach enables healthcare organisations to outsource medical records scanning whilst continuing to operate efficiently and effectively. Years of working with healthcare organisations mean Restore are specialists in medical scanning, archiving, indexing and retrieval. We understand there’s no room for error. You warrant the highest security, an efficient, dependable and cost-efficient service, fast access and high-quality digital files.


Our scanning services for the NHS and Healthcare Sector include:

Day Forward Scanning

Day Forward Scanning is a strategy that allows you the flexibility to access paper files and transition between your old document management system to a new, more efficient, and easier to use EDMS. The definition of this strategy is pretty simple - you pick a date in the near future where you will no longer keep paper records.  Moving forward from that date, all your files will be scanned and indexed, and paper records will no longer be a part of your document management plan. 

Scan on Demand

Thanks to our online portal, you can request a stored medical record from wherever you are in the world. At Restore we’ll scan, digitise and send it to you within the hour, saving you valuable time and resources. We’ll even store a digital copy on our secure, cloud-based hosting system for easy access in the future. We can scan, digitise and store your remaining paper archive over a period of time that suits you.

Archive Scanning with optional OCR Classification and Indexing

When scanning thousands of medical documents, it is important to keep them ordered once digitised. Indexing allows the digital files to be sorted by unique identifiers, such as name, patient number, NHS reference number, or even titles of folders. Sections can also be sub-indexed or categorised into different document types in a PDF file to make the search process as simple as possible. This is a recognised way for documents to be stored, which healthcare staff should already be familiar with. Most clients choose to index NHS medical records with patient name, ID, Consultant name and/or reference number. In a healthcare environment this OCR can be used to find all patient files for a particular family, search by year, month or relevant date and collate data regarding specific illnesses and treatments. 

Security & Certifications

Our scanning centres have been inspected by many NHS, Local Authority and Pharmaceutical companies, successfully exceeding their high compliance standards. We’re proud of our facilities, which are fitted out with the latest systems to ensure our client’s records are securely protected. 

  • Security entry systems. Restore’s premises are protected by security entry systems. All employees are registered, with the system requiring staff to use secure tracking fobs to gain access. This provides a record of access events to our premises by time and date.
  • Secure perimeter fencing. Our premises are protected by secure perimeter palisade fencing. This ensures high level security for our scanning and storage centres. Palisade fencing is vandal resistant, hard to climb and difficult to damage, offering the ultimate protection. 
  • 24 hour CCTV monitoring. All areas of our facilities, including our archive storage warehouse, scanning bureau, digital mailroom, offices and property exterior are monitored by 24 hour CCTV. This provides surveillance inside and outside our premises to deter criminal activity and monitor all staff actions whilst handling documentation. 
  • VESDA Enhanced Fire Detection System Our premises are installed with a VESDA system – (Very Early Smoke Detection Alert.) An enhanced fire detection system which continuously monitors and tests the air to detect smoke. This system can detect tiny particles of smoke, providing an early warning system for potential fire risks.

We have worked hard to ensure our business is accredited to the modern standards for information security and records management. Restore has been accredited to the latest ISO standards, including ISO27001 and ISO9001. ISO27001 provides conformity for Information Security and ISO9001 offers compliance for quality management systems. We’re a data protection act registered business and all our teams are fully disclosure checked.

Framework Agreements offer a convenient procurement mechanism for public sector customers, and at Restore we work hard to ensure we can offer services via the most appropriate frameworks. We are currently listed as a supplier on the following framework agreements:


Framework Agreements (RW)

  1. Crown Commercial Services
  2. EMIS
  3. ESPO
  4. GCLOUD8
  5. IG Toolkit
  6. Health Trust Europe
  7. London Procurement Partnership Framework
  8. NHS Shared Business Services
  9. North of England CPC
  10. YPO (via HG) 


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