Restoration & Specialist Services

Specialist storage services that help you to establish and feel confident about the measures you have put in place, now and into the future.

Our place or yours? Security, financial or compliance issues may mean it makes more sense to keep
your records and data on-site. Or perhaps a relocation requires new information management systems and processes to be installed. So why not allow us to come to you?

Restore implants

Big or small, you can bring Restore’s expertise to your in-house records management projects by choosing the option of having a courteous, trained member of our staff – an ‘implant’ – on your team. For a short contract or on an ongoing basis, an implant can have a positive impact on your organisation’s efficiency. We can bring successful information management to your fingertips by:

  • Offering high-level expertise and strategic planning that will bring an overall vision, policies and procedures – as well as a system that leaves room for continual review and improvement – to your corporate assets management.
  • Working with you to develop a disaster recovery plan for all your paper and magnetic media assets, should the worst happen. Assisting with setting up new systems, from reviewing current arrangements to implementation of software, training and roll out.
  • Setting up and maintaining our online asset tracking and ordering system – the industry leading O’Neil’s. Working with you to ensure current systems are fully compliant with complex legal requirements for data management. Converting files and documents to a barcode system.

Restoration services

Restore looks after a number of nationally important historical archive collections in our uniquely located and environmentally stable data centres. We store precious documents in dedicated vaults equipped with sophisticated monitoring systems so you can be confident that delicate material such as ageing paper, parchment, film and artwork is maintained under the correct conditions and to the highest standards.

But the passing of time is not kind. Paper, for example, is prone to light damage, acid attack, mould and insect infestation. To help preserve history for future generations, Restore offers an expert, off-site restoration service to treat physical damage such as tears and missing areas, as well as conservation processes that arrest ongoing acid attack and discolouration, creating a buffer against future degradation and increasing the longevity of the document.

Contact us to learn more about our Restoration Services.


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