records storage Financial sector

Banks, accountants and other businesses involved with the financial sector produce reams of paper and hard drives full of digital data every day. Customer data protection is one of their key concerns and our encryption experts work hard to maintain highest levels of security.  


records storage for SMEs

Small and Medium size businesses need instant access to quotes and price comparisons so that they stay on top of fast moving markets. They also need to know that all data is securely backed up should the worst happen and a centrally supported disaster recovery plan needs to swing into action. We can offer automated, expertly monitored on-site hard drive storage, as well as either off-site back-up to disc or tape, or Cloud storage. 


records storage Legal sector

A happy lawyer is one who always has the right document to hand and who knows that their clients’ confidentiality is always respected and protected. Restore works in partnership with its legal firm customers to make sure that every link in the information chain is strong and secure, for total peace of mind. 


records storage Heritage sector

Restore understands the needs of heritage conservation. We have been caring for local authority historical documents and objects for years in our specialist, controlled-atmosphere storage facilities. But the NCS Collaborative Storage Scheme takes this standard of care up to a whole new level.


records storage Public sector

At Restore we understand that all stored data, from the humblest customer letter to the most ancient, historically important document, is vital to the public sector and its reputation. We can help with every stage, whether that’s near or deep storage, instant retrieval, conservation, data-wiping or end-of-life asset disposal, managing all materials and putting departments back in control of their information.


records storage Pharmaceuticals sector

Working together with Phlexglobal, a specialist contract research organisation, we will carry out an initial assessment on a randomly selected sample of archived material, and give an estimate of any work required to bring storage, tracking and destruction up to industry standard compliance levels.


records storage Energy and utilities sector

At Restore, we understand the energy and utilities industry’s need for both instant access and long-term compliance and can work to deliver a complete information management service that helps keep customers firmly in control of all aspects of their business. 



document storage resources

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