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Document Management & Storage: Manufacturing & Engineering

Protecting technical assets - R&D, manufacturing, engineering and construction generate a huge range of different information formats. At one end of the spectrum there are day-to-day electronic communications and customer records, moving through corporate papers, contracts, deeds and policy manuals, to photos, X-rays, QA records, technical drawings, 3-D modelling, maps and intellectual property. And, guess what, they all need to be managed. Restore can take on the complete cycle of information protection and storage so that data is kept safe, complies with all current policies and is accessible whenever our customers want it. Here’s how…

Tailored Information Management Services for the Manufacturing & Engineering Sectors

When customers work in studios, laboratories, factories or on outdoor sites the last thing they need is a sea of paper and waves of digital data to be concerned about. Restore can take as little or as much of the information lifecycle off our customers’ hands, helping make the most of space and lowering risk and costs, and increasing accessibility. Over and above this management, additionally we offer specialist industry-focused services provided through our scan and cloud services.

Electronic data: on-site and off-site back-up of all electronic communications is essential. Restore can set up 24-hour monitored, automatic on-site hard drives and off-site server or cloud storage. Some of the benefits are peace of mind, sharing and accessibility at the touch of a button.

Paper: if accessibility is key, we can store and manage live data so that customers can trace and track individual files using O’Neil software and our proprietary Dovetail software, order via phone, email or online, and expect the records delivered to their desks within hours. When documents become obsolete, we can move them into top-level, secure private and shared underground deep storage vaults, care for and manage them accordingly.

End of life: as a major recycling business, we regard end-of-life as the beginning of life for something else: recycled paper or re-used IT assets. Our Dovetail file management system flags up documents that are ready for swift, secure shredding. Obsolete IT assets we guarantee to totally data-cleanse so that our customers can be confident they are safe and suitable for re-sale, with the associated return on investment benefits, or for complete break down and re-use of component materials.  

Specialist industry-focused services: Restore Scan is one of the UK’s leading scanning companies and, over the years, we have made nearly a billion scans. Our document imaging and scanning expertise mean we have dealt with the issues our customers have: storage costs, accessibility, cost-effective copying. Our state-of-the-art, outsize scanners can handle anything from tiny, delicate micro-fiche film to fragile historical documents, to vast, large-scale technical drawings – and everything in between. Our services, coupled with indexing, are used for back scanning, operational scanning and scan-on-demand services. Coupled with our online software solutions, we offer the ultimate in accessibility and collaboration tools. 

Contact us today and we will be delighted to tailor our services to your manufacturing and engineering projects.  


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