Secure Document Shredding Services

Without secure paper & document shredding, carelessly discarded information could be used by criminals to open bank accounts or obtain credit cards, loans, state benefits, passports or driving licences. All this can cause endless misery and financial worries for the people who entrust their personal information to your company.

Our secure document shredding services ensure the secure collection, shredding and recycling of every kind of paper product including documents, files, coupons and vouchers.

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Branded Items, Uniforms and ID Destruction

Can you imagine the business risks and damage to client confidence, if criminals got hold of your old uniforms or security badges and used them to enter your business premises unchallenged?

We can destroy them beyond recovery or recognition. We can also take care of destroying any other branded items that could harm your brand or threaten your security in the wrong hands - from product prototypes and old stationery to supplies of obsolete branded clothing or “seconds”.

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Storage Media Destruction

The news is full of media falling into the wrong hands, with damage to reputation and the risk of it being used to impersonate people and businesses. Whether it’s old credit cards, CD ROMs, DVDs, X-rays microfiche records, audio tapes or VHS cassettes, we can take the worry away.

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It and Office Equipment

Sensitive company information can stay around on any office equipment with a hard disc memory long after it’s out of use – PCs, laptops, copiers, fax machines and even printers.

Secure fragmentation and incineration will consign it to the past, and make sure it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

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