The need for secure document shredding is not always obvious to employees. It’s all too easy for sensitive information to be simply thrown away by staff who may not realise their importance or understand the risks. Even documents that may not appear to be confidential could threaten your security or break the law if they’re not properly dealt with. Even a single name and postcode on a piece of paper (or any other record) has to be destroyed securely. 

Quite apart from the law, document shredding is just good business sense to protect the confidentiality of customers, employees and others who trust you with their personal information. And with the real risk that sensitive data could threaten the security of your business if it fell into the wrong hands, it’s good to know there are safe hands that you can trust.

We offer secure document shredding services and one call to us makes it easy for you to meet your legal requirements, and keep your private information secure.

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In every area of a typical organisation - from HR to new product development and from sales and marketing to accounts, IT and procurement - there’s a long list of documents and other material that needs shredding at the end of their life.

There are the obviously sensitive areas like employee data, strategy documents, payroll and customer information.

But what about budgets, correspondence, specifications and even complaints? What about contracts, appraisals, medicals and supplier records?

We offer a FREE secure shredding audit to identify and advise on your document shredding requirements. Find our more about our FREE audit by calling 0844 725 5540 or fill in our contact form and we'll arrange a free audit of your secure document shredding needs.


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