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Our industry-leading
IT recycling facilities


We believe we operate the most advanced facility for 

IT lifecycle and disposition services in the UK



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Cardington Point

We believe we operate the most advanced facility for IT lifecycle and disposition services in the UK.

Designed with our customers in mind, this state of the art facility has been built to meet the specific demands of our industry, with a particular focus on security, sustainability and efficiency.



About us

Designed with you in mind


Cardington before construction Before



Cardington facility completed After





Automated gates




Fire detection



Remote monitoring


Secure loading









Solar energy

We have a total of 61 solar panels fitted to the north side of the building

Separator tank

An electronic separator tank installed under the 50x50m yard ensures zero contamination

Smart lighting

The warehouse is fitted with 91 smart, motion detecting LG lights which measure and produce optimal lighting


Motion detection lighting

Our offices are lit by efficient LED lights which also use motion detectors

Water saving

Anti leak & water waste reduction - electronic shut off valves have been fitted and linked to lighting motion detectors

Workflow efficiency

Constantly improving our workflow efficiency is a key way in which we drive sustainability, read below for more..






Data erasure

Our erasure department has the capacity to securely erase up to 1500 devices per shift


We have a storage capacity of 1000 pallets, allowing us to securely store a vast array of materials for our clients


Our imaging department is capable of deploying up to 1500 images per shift when operating at maximum capacity


Large scale capacity

Our maximum erasure / imaging output redlines at 5500 devices within a 24 hour period

Bespoke workflows

The building design offers a bespoke workflow which is easy to follow via our Streams® portal

Warehouse management

Our operations are supported by a custom warehouse management system which offers end-to-end traceability


Flexible work areas

Our ad-hoc project area can be adapted to suit almost any IT project / deployment effort

Data destruction

Our teams are able to securely crush / destroy up to 1000 hard drives a day 


On average, 13 tonnes of materials are separated then sent to refineries weekly