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IT asset management
(ITAM) and audits

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Detailed information on your hardware & software to protect your data and improve ROI





IT Asset Management & Audits


IT asset management (ITAM) involves collecting detailed hardware and software inventory information and using it to boost productivity, reduce costs and ensure compliance

IT environments are more complex today than ever before, encompassing not just a company’s own physical infrastructure but also third party software, leased assets, licenses and so on. In most companies, these assets and tools are handled by a variety of teams, with no single owner or centralising of information, leading to confusion and inaccuracy. 

IT asset management captures this information not just for inventory purposes, but also to inform business decisions, improve cyber security and reduce overall costs.






it asset management




Our experience


Restore Technology has successfully carried out many hundreds of asset audits, moves and disposals over the last 25 years. These projects have ranged from small to large, including possibly one of the largest audits globally (800,000 assets across 1100 buildings).

As part of these projects we generate accurate asset lists for our customers, but often they do not have a single repository which they can reconcile this information against. This unfortunately limits the value of the audit work to a specific project.

To solve this, there is a ‘gap analysis’ service which can be carried out to help customers work towards effective management of their assets throughout the lifecycle.






it gap analysis



Gap analysis


A gap analysis for your IT estate will simply take a deep look into your IT infrastructure processes, to provide an overview of your estate and the interactions between your systems, people and processes

It will identify where your data is being fragmented, resulting in loss of accuracy, and instances where valuable data is not being exploited at all. It will support your IT operations by cleaning and liberating your data, easing the burden on your staff and drastically improving your projects and workflows.






How does the gap analysis work?


The gap analysis needs to deliver tangible results whilst keeping disruption to an absolute minimum. To begin, a scoping meeting will be carried out to agree boundaries of the process and how the report will be made up. This will include identifying individuals to be included in short interviews.

Next we will assess your existing processes and the level of documentation and conformance, before moving on to the use of software, whether formal or informal. 

From this we will identify issues we find, and will fully map out your processes to enable detailed analysis.

Finally we will generate a report detailing our findings and where possible our recommendations.







There is no single solution for gaining control of an IT estate, as every organisation has a unique combination of workflows, data repositories, processes and people. 

The most common outcome is a mix of services such as deployment, IMAC, audits and disposals plus resources made up of internal, Restore Technology or domain experts as defined by the requirements.

We are confident that our structured approach can break down what may seem like an insurmountable challenge and reduce cost, mitigate risk and improve operational efficiency.






it asset management