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IT asset management



We can undertake full audits of your IT infrastructure, giving you a greater understanding of the assets you have and how to manage them. We can also take care of your IT asset management processes, using our custom management system to keep track of your assets, allowing us to identify any data security requirements or generate redeployment orders in real time.




About our IT Asset Management service

We can take delivery of your hardware, whether it be new stock or existing, and place it onto STREAMS®, our stock system, providing you with a full list of your equipment. We’ll put an asset tag on each item with its unique serial number, giving us a live and trackable item. We can then store the item, and whenever you need it you can just request it and we will be able to locate and deliver it immediately.


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Benefits of IT Asset Management


Keep track of your assets

In a busy work environment it can be difficult to keep track of the equipment that you have, whether it be in use or in storage. After various IT refreshes, equipment failures and the occasional misplaced asset, companies can struggle to keep an accurate record of their equipment. With the implementation of GDPR it would be advisable to identify your assets in order to ascertain which of them may hold sensitive data. By using our services we can ensure all the assets we process for you are fully accounted for, tracked and accessible for you any time.


Save time & energy

If you are going to be ordering in a range of new equipment, getting to the stage where the assets are ready for daily operations is not going to be quick or easy. You’ll be unboxing each item, recycling the packaging, tagging the assets and matching them up. We can take care of this for you, allowing you to focus on the more important things.


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