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Blue Box Service

Blue Box Service

Blue Box Service

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Our Blue Box Service for WEEE Recycling



Our Blue Box is a tidy and convenient solution for all your redundant electrical equipment, from office machinery to appliances and cables. Fully collapsible, the Blue Box can be quickly installed anywhere within a building. It features a lid which can be padlocked for security, and if your facility is short of space the Blue Box can be sited in a warehouse or yard in full accordance with waste legislation.


The Blue Box provides a generous 1m³ which is sufficient for approximately 10 complete computer systems, with four printers, cables and keyboards. Data destruction can be ordered along with asset management reporting which provides you with detailed information of contents.




How it works


For an initial delivery cost, we will come to your premises to deposit your Blue Box. Designed to remain on your site for long periods, you simply need to contact us when the box is full and we'll come to collect the contents, leaving the box in place for your next clear out. Should you wish to terminate the service for any reason we will simply remove the box.



Benefits for you


✓ Simple

The Blue Box is designed to be an easy solution for your e-waste. Rather than filling your store rooms with your old electronics, you can simply place them in the Blue Box, gradually filling it up until we come to collect. The box can even be stored outside for added convenience.


✓ Compliant

Recycling WEEE collectly can be a complicated and confusing task due to the number of regulations which must be adhered to. Our Blue Box service allows you to meet all regulatory requirements with ease.


✓ Green

We hold a number of environmental certifications and operate on a strict zero to landfill policy. Thanks to our expertise and commitment to the environment, we can ensure that the assets we collect are dealt with in a manner which creates minimal environmental impact.



Additional information


The cost for the Blue Box includes the box being delivered and then kept on your site for up to 180 days, collection when full and recycling of contents. A waste note will be provided, along with a hazardous waste note if required - depending on conditions and contents.


Width: 120cm, Depth: 80cm, Height: 102cm, Capacity approx. 1m³ 


Data Destruction Reporting and Asset Management



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