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End-of-Life Services

End-of-Life Services

End-of-Life Services

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From re-selling assets (delivering up to 80% rebate) to IT destruction

Resale & rebate

We can collect your no-longer-needed assets, re-marketing them to recoup maximum value before delivering a rebate to you

IT disposal & destruction

We can carry out the secure and fully-tracked destruction of your IT assets, on or off-site and using your method of choice


Our environmentally-friendly services include the free collection & recycling of unwanted IT equipment



About our end of life support services


Our end-of-life services are tailored towards your no-longer-needed IT assets. Many of our customers are unaware of the residual value of their unwanted equipment, and are frequently surprised at how much money our team of remarketers can recoup from assets they might otherwise have disposed of. Naturally we ensure any data bearing devices are completely cleared beforehand, and all processes are fully tracked for your convenience and regulatory compliance. We also have a range of recycling services as well as pure IT destruction services, which can be carried out on or off-site. 



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Audits, tagging & asset management

We can audit your assets to give you detailed reporting on your IT infrastructure

Secure storage

We can store your assets and have them ready for rapid collection at any time

IT refreshes, setup & deployment

We can receive your IT, prepare it for your requirements and deploy it to desk

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IT moves & changes

We can manage all aspects of your IT relocation, minimising downtime

Server & data centre moves

Our expert staff can carry out these business-critical moves smoothly and safely

IT support services

Technical staff to support projects or cover holiday, plus other services