IT disposal and destruction

IT Disposal and Destruction

IT Disposal & Destruction

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We are experts in data destruction, our services are secure and include full audit trails



Using our fully vetted team of IT security professionals, we can carry out the secure destruction of your IT assets. Both logical erasure and physical destruction can be performed on site or off site at our secure facility. Physical destruction includes punching, shredding or degaussing.

For off-site destruction we will collect your IT assets in tracked, unmarked vehicles and deliver to our secure facility to carry out the destruction. This service provides a fully recorded and reportable audit trail using STREAMS® , our customer web based portal.

We are very highly certified, take a look at our quality page for more information.




How it works

Perhaps due to the new GDPR regulations, your company is reviewing its management of personal information and has decided to clear out its redundant IT assets. These assets can’t just be thrown away, they need to be destroyed in order to avoid their data getting into the wrong hands. Restore Technology can come to your business and carry out the fully-compliant destruction of these assets, before taking away the residue to be recycled through our network of audited UK downstream partners. We’ll also provide you with a certificate of destruction upon completion.


IT disposal and destruction

Benefits For You


Total security

We are experts in data destruction. We have the certifications to show our expertise in this area and are fully equipped to carry out this service in perfect security. Whether on or off-site, we’ll ensure the destruction of your assets is carried out according to all regulations and will provide you with full documentation after the fact.



Certified to the e-Stewards® standard, all of our disposal services are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner. Electronic components contain heavy metals which are highly toxic, we ensure that no waste ends up in landfill or gets diverted to a non-OECD country.


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