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Essential Service

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Our Essential Service for your End of Life Assets



The correct management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment can be a struggle for many businesses. WEEE compliance laws require your electrical waste to be disposed of securely and in an environmentally friendly manner.

At Restore Technology we provide an 'Essential service' to assist with your WEEE recycling. This is a flexible, no fuss IT equipment collection service, collecting assets from old mobile phone handsets to desktops, laptops and everything in between. Generally WEEE products include those which have a plug or require a battery.





How it works

We operate a regular 'round robin' collection schedule meaning we come to collect at your convenience. 

When we collect your assets we ensure any data is wiped and can guarantee that none of the assets will head to landfill. Our first priority is to reintroduce them to market, and failing that we will recycle them to the highest level. 

If you have over 20 items of IT equipment, we will collect them from your premises free of charge. If you have under 20 items a small collection fee will apply.


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Benefits for you



As with all of our services, the Essential service helps to ensure you remain GDPR compliant and we will provide certification to prove the erasure or all data or destruction of devices. This means you have an audit trail for all of the items.



We hold a number of environmental certifications and operate on a strict zero to landfill policy. Thanks to our expertise and commitment to the environment, we can ensure that the assets we collect are dealt with in a manner which creates minimal environmental impact.


Space saving

Waste electrical devices can take up significant amounts of space, often slowly building up over time until your storage rooms are overflowing. Not only does our service ensure the compliant and environmentally friendly handling of your unwanted assets, but also allows you to free up space for other things.