Environmental Recycling

Environmental Recycling

Environmental Recycling

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Environmental Recycling


Certified to e-Stewards® and ISO 14001, at Restore Technology we don’t take any shortcuts. We operate a strict zero waste to landfill policy. Recycling is only used as a last resort, utilising specialist recyclers in the UK.



How it works


Whenever you use one of our service which involves the disposal of IT hardware, it will be handled in a way which ensures no component finds its way into landfill. Where possible we will attempt to find a new life for the hardware, and if this isn’t possible we’ll recycle the constituent part using our specialist recyclers.



Benefits for you


✓ Sustainable

Our STREAMS® system allows you to track your sustainability progress, including facts and figures about how much you have helped the environment. These positive achievements can be shared with your staff and clients to show off your good work.



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