Resale and rebate

Resale and rebate

Resale and rebate

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Resale & Rebate


In order to maximise your revenues, our in-house remarketing team can realise the residual value in your IT assets, reselling them through a range of channels in order to offset the costs of your required data security and disposal services. Our routes to market include e-commerce, brokerage and direct B-to-B and B-to-C channels.


We can arrange to donate your IT assets to a charity of your choice or we can channel the revenues from the sale of your assets into charitable donations. We can also offer discounted IT assets to your staff members.



How it works


Many of our clients come to us with old equipment which they have no further use for. Often this equipment is not at the end of its lifecycle, and can be securely cleared of data before being given a new life elsewhere. We understand the best methods of maximising the sale value of these items, therefore ensuring the highest financial return to you.



Benefits for you


✓ Cost effective

Instead of simply destroying your old assets, allow us to extract revenue from them, thus reducing the costs of your other services.


✓ Charitable

Frequently our clients don’t realise the value stored in their redundant equipment, and choose to use these unexpected funds as a charitable donation. Equally we can help you simply channel the assets themselves towards a worthy cause, such as an educational body who would otherwise be unable to afford them.


✓ Environmentally friendly

By selling on your unwanted assets, we can give them a new life where instead they would have been destroyed. At Restore Technology we understand the IT lifecycle and work to maximise it.



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The vast majority of the assets we collect have residual value, whether functional or not. Get in touch to find out how we can channel this value back to you.