Data centre Decom / Recom

Data centre Decom / Recom

Data centre Solutions

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Data Centre Solutions



Whether you are performing a refresh or consolidating, redistributing or decommissioning your data centre, we work with you from the earliest stages to provide the right data centre services to meet your needs, including:

•    Graceful power-down in enterprise-server environments
•    Live equipment decommissions, moves and installations
•    Facility decommissioning and equipment appraisal
•    Onsite and in-transit security including warranted data erasure
•    Disposition services including redeployment, lease return, remarketing and recycling



How it works


Your company may find itself in need of migrating its data centre to a new facility. Ahead of the migration, we can back up and power-down your equipment before safely packing it away for transit. We’ll transfer the equipment to the destination site in our GPS tracked vans before re-racking and recommissioning it ready for service. We’ll check everything is operating as intended to complete the service.



Benefits for you


✓ Dependable

Data centre moves and refreshes are difficult processes to get right. Given the potential risks of data loss or equipment failures, we recommend using a professional service to minimise risks. At Restore Technology we have a wealth of experience working with data centres, and can carry out your required service safely and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your business.